qa-system at N&H Technology

We offer high quality products and services. Our well-trained and experienced staff make a decisive contribution to this. We consider quality as part of all activities and strive for continuous improvement in all work processes.

Our supplier network extends across China, Taiwan, Vietnam and India. All our production plants are audited by our technical staff from Germany and China. Through to our own technical analyzes and tests in our laboratories, we support our suppliers and customers in quality assurance.

Our Quality Assurance Management is based on four pillars:

  1. N&H in Willich / Germany
    ISO 9001 certified in technical processing and development, sales and logistics.
  2. Manufacturing Partner, Asia
    Certification of our manufacturers in Asia according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TS 16949 and ISO 13485.
  3. N&H Technology Shanghai, China
    On-site inspection and quality controls through our N&H Team in Shanghai / China at the manufacturing plants.
  4. N&H Laboratories, Germany
    Opportunity for project-specific quality assurance and measurement measures in our laboratories in Willich


Download ISO 9001:2015 Certificate