Touch Input Devices

For design-oriented applications and input devices  we offers capacitive keyboards and touch panels.

In the field of touch panels, we offer resistive and capacitive touchscreens both as a single product or as an integrated solution with a customer-specific membrane switch .

You can find TFT Displays with Touch-Function in our optoelectronics product range  >>


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Touch Panel
Touch Panel

We offer customized touch panels in many sizes. Also an individual printing of the frame is possible.
Further we offer a selection of TFT displays with and without a touch option.


TFT Displays

Touch Display TFT



SizeArticleResolutionModule SizeActive AreaDisplay
0.96"NHWD-009ST02-F0180 x 16014.4 x 27.95 x 1.751.8 x 21.696IPSNO350800ALL20mA  3.3VSPI
1.28"NHWD-012ST01-F01240 x 24035.6 x 38.1 x 1.532.4 x 32.4 IPSNO3501100ALL40mA 3.1VSPI
1.3"NHWD-013ST03-F01240 x 24026.85 x 29.55 x 1.9823.4 x 23.4IPSNO250600ALL40mA 3.2VSPI
1.44"NHWD-014ST02-F01128 x 12832.36 x 38 x 2.625.49 x 26.49TFTNO1405001215mA  3.2V8 BIT MCU/4W SPI/3W SPI
1.54"NHWD-0154DF03-C02240 x 2404.3 x 4.3 x 4.37 27.72 x 27.72IPSCAPA400800ALL60mA 3.2VSPI, I2C
1.54"NHWD-0154DF03-F01240 x 24031.5 x 35 x 2.327.72 x 27.72TFTOption4005001245mA 3.0VSPI
1.7"NHWD-017ST01-C01240 x 28035.04 x 41.24 x 3.4627.97 x 32.63IPSCAPA300600ALL60mA  3.2VSPI
1.8"NHWD-018ST03-F01128 x 16034 x 47 x 2.428.3 x 35.4TFTNO2305001230mA  3.2V8 BIT MCU/4W SPI/3W SPI
1.8"NHWD-018ST04-F01128 x 16034 x 43.7 x 2.428.3 x 35.4TFTNO1505001230mA  3.2V8 BIT MCU
1.8"NHWD-018TW12-F03128 x 16034.7 x 46.7 x 2.528.3 x 35.4TFTNO1503001240mA  2.8VSPI
2.0"NHWD-020ST22-F01240 x 32036.1 x 51.9 x 2.4 30.6 x 40.8 TFTOption2503501245mA  3.2V16 BIT MCU
2.0"NHWD-020TG08-F01176 x 22038.3 x 51.65 x 2.531.68 x 39.6TFTNO2203001245mA  3.2V8/16 BIT MCU
2.4"NHWD-024Q12-F01240 x 32042.72 x 6.26 x 2.536.72 x 48.96TFTOption2505001260mA  3.2V8/16 BIT MCU
2.4"NHWD-024Q16-F01240 x 32042.72 x 6.26 x 2.536.72 x 48.96IPSOption200800ALL60mA  3.2V16 BIT MCU
2.8"NHWD-028Q27-F01240 x 32050 x 69.2 x 2.4543.2 x 57.6TFTOption3205001260mA  3.2V8/16 BIT MCU
2.8"NHWD-028Q28-C01240 x 32050 x 69.2 x 3.943.2 x 57.6TFTCAPA250500680mA  3.2VMCU
2.8"NHWD-028Q28-F01240 x 32050 x 69.2 x 2.4543.2 x 57.6TFTOption3205001260mA  3.2V8/16 BIT MCU
2.8"NHWD-028Q29-F02240 x 32050 x 69.2 x 3.6543.2 x 57.6TFTRESI280300660mA  3.2VMCU
2.8"NHWD-028Q34-C01240 x 32047.9 x 65.35 x 3.8 43.2 x 57.6IPSCAPA200800ALL60mA 3.3VRGB
3.0"NHWD-030ST11-F01240 x 40045.4 x 77 x 2.4538.88 x 64.8TFTOption3502501260mA  3.2V8/9/16/18 BIT MCU
3.0"NHWD-030ST11-F02240 x 40045.4 x 77 x 3.738.88 x 64.8TFTRESI3202501260mA  3.2VMCU
3.0"NHWD-030ST12-F01240 x 40045.4 x 77 x 2.4538.88 x 64.8TFTOption2802501260mA  3.2V8/9/16/18 BIT MCU
3.2"NHWD-032ST05-F02240 x 32055.94 x 77.6 x 3.648.6 x 64.8TFTOption3305001275mA  3.2V8/16/18 BIT MCU/

16/18 RGB/

4W /3W SPI
3.5"NHWD-035ST12-C01320 x 24077 x 64.25 x 4.470.08 x 52.56TFTCAPA3604001220mA 19.2V24 BIT RGB, I2C
3.5"NHWD-035ST12-F01320 x 24076.9 x 63.9 x 3.37.8 x 52.56TFTOption2504001220mA  19.2V24 BIT RGB
3.5"NHWD-035ST28-F01320 x 48056.54 x 84.96 x 2.248.96 x 73.44IPSNO300700ALL90mA  3.2V8BIT, 16 BIT, MCU
3.5"NHWD-035ST28-F02320 x 48056.54 x 84.96 x 2.248.96 x 73.44TFTOption3007001290mA  3.2V16 BIT MCU
3.5"NHWD-035ST36-F01320 x 48056.54 x 84.66 x 2.448.96 x 73.44TFTOption2505001290mA  3.2V16/8 BIT MCU
3.5"NHWD-035ST44-F02320 x 48055.4 x 84.71 x 3.6548.96 x 73.44TFTOption2505001220mA  19.2V8/9 BIT MCU/

16/18/24 BIT RGB
3.5"NHWD-035ST48-C01320 x 24077 x 64.25 x 4.470.08 x 52.56TFTCAPA250400620mA 19.2V24 BIT RGB
3.5"NHWD-035ST48-F01320 x 24076.9 x 63.9 x 3.370.08 x 52.56TFTNO2504001220mA 3.3V24 BIT RGB, SPI
3.5"NHWD-035ST50-F01320 x 24076.9 x 63.9 x 3.2670.08 x 52.56IPSNO350800ALL20mA 3.3V24 BIT RGB
3.5"NHWD-035ST54-F02320 x 24076.9 x 63.9 x 4.270.08 x 52.56TFTRESI4503006256mA 6.4VRGB, Serial, MCU 
4.0"NHWD-040ST04-F01480 x 80057.14 x 96.85 x 2.351.84 x 86.4IPSOption250900ALL20mA  25.6V24 BIT RGB/MCU
4.0"NHWD-040ZX07-C01480 x 48084 x 84 x 3.171.8 6 x 70.18IPSCAPA400900ALL40mA 12.8VSPI,RGB
4.3"NHWD-043CH19-C01480 x 272105.5 x 67.2 x 4.395.4 x 53.86TFTCAPA4008001220mA  22.2VRGB
4.3"NHWD-043ST12-C01480 x 272115.5 x 77.2 x 4.795.4 x 53.86TFTCAPA250550620mA  22.4V24 BIT RGB
4.3"NHWD-043ST12-F03480 x 272105.5 x 67.2 x 3.95.4 x 53.86TFTOption250550620mA  22.4V24 BIT RGB
4.3"NHWD-043ST40-F01480 x 80062.36 x 105.75 x 2.156.16 x 93.6IPSRESI330800ALL20mA 26.4VRGB
4.3"NHWD-043ST41-F01800 x 480105.5 x 67.2 x 395.04 x 53.86IPSNO400800ALL60mA  12.8VRGB
4.3"NHWD-043ST42-F01800 x 480105.5 x 67.2 x 395.4 x 53.86IPSNO400800ALL60mA  3.3V24 BIT RGB
4.3"NHWD-043ST43-C01480 x 272105.5 x 67.2 x 4.395.04 x 53.86TFTCAPA250550620mA  22.4VRGB
5"NHWD-050ST13-F01800 x 480120.7 x 75.8 x 3108 x 64.8TFTNO350500640mA 19.2VRGB
5"NHWD-050ST19-C03800 x 480127.9 x 84.9 x 4.58108 x 64.8TFTCAPA200350640mA  19.2V24 BIT RGB
5"NHWD-050ST19-F02800 x 480120.9 x 75.95x 4.2108 x 64.8TFTOption220350640mA  19.2V24 BIT RGB
5"NHWD-050ST20-F01480 x 80065.35x 118.5 x 1.7962.6 x 11.42IPSNO200800ALL40mA  19.2V16 BIT RGB
5"NHWD-050ST26-F01720 x 128064.7x 118.8 x 2.562.1 x 11.4IPSNO250800ALL40mA  19.2V4 LANE MIPI
7.0"NHWD-070KQ20-C05800 x 480179.4 x 117.4 x 7.37154.8 x 85.92TFTCAPA4005006180mA  9.6V24 BIT RGB
7.0"NHWD-070KQ21-F01800 x 480165 x 140.44 x 5.2152.4 x 91.44TFTOption3504006160mA  9.9V18 BIT RGB
7.0"NHWD-070KQ38-C05800 x 480179.4 x 117.4 x 7.37154.8 x 85.92TFTCAPA20050012180mA  9.6V24 BIT RGB
7.0"NHWD-070KQ38-F04 V.1800 x 480164.9 x 100 x 5.5154.08 x 85.92TFTOption35050012180mA  9.6V24 BIT RGB
7.0"NHWD-070KQ40-C091024 x 600168.15 x 99.25 x 4.6154.21 x 85.92IPSCAPA350800ALL180mA  9.6V MIPI, I2C, LVDS
7.0"NHWD-070KQ40-F071024 x 600163.64 x 97.11 x 2.6154.21 x 85.92IPSOption400800ALL180mA  9.9VMIPI, LVDS, 30 Pin
7.0"NHWD-070KQ49-F011024 x 600164.9 x 99.9 x 3.5154.21 x 85.92TFTNO3506006140mA  9.6V24 BIT RGB
7.0"NHWD-070ZX44-C01800 x 480179.4 x117.4 x 5.7154.8 x 85.92TFTCAPA4505001260mA  21.4V24 BIT RGB
7.0"NHWD-070ZX44-F01800 x 480164.9 x 100 x 3.45154.8 x 85.92TFTOption500500660mA  21.4V24 BIT RGB
7.0"NHWD-070DF31-F01800 x 480165 x 104 x 5.4153.6 x 86.64TFTNO5505006170mA  9.3VDigital RGB Interface
7.0"NHWD-070KQ38-F01800 x 480164.9 x 104 x 5.8154.08 x 85.92TFTNO250500680mA  9.6V24 BIT RGB
8.0"NHWD-080KQ08-F01800 x 480192.8 x 116.9 x 6.4176.64 x 99.36TFTNO4505006240mA  9.3V24 BIT RGB
8.0"NHWD-080KQ09-C011024 x 768201 x 152.3 x 4.6162.05 x 121.54IPSCAPA350800ALL180mA  9.3V MIPI, I2C, LVDS
9.0"NHWD-090KQ04-C01800 x 480211.1x 126.5 x 5.9198 x 111.69TFTNO2508006220mA  9.9V24 BIT RGB
9.0"NHWD-090KQ04-F01800 x 480211.1x 126.5 x 7.5198 x 111.69TFTCAPA2505006220mA  9.9V24 BIT RGB
10.1"NHWD-101KQ07-C01 1280 x 800229.46 x 149.1 x 4.9216.96 x 135.6IPSCAPA350800ALL200mA  8.8VLVDS
10.1"NHWD-101KQ07-F011280 x 800229.46 x 149.1 x 2.5216.96 x 135.6TFTNO3508006200mA  8.8VLVDS
10.1"NHWD-101KQ10-C011024 x 600235 x 143 x 6222.72 x 125.28TFTCAPA2206006160mA  9.6V24BIT RGB
10.1"NHWD-101KQ10-F011024 x 600235 x 143 x 4.5222.72 x 125.28TFTNO2506006160mA  3.3V24BIT RGB
10.1"NHWD-101KQ14-F01800 x 1280143 x 228.6 x 2.8135.36 x 216.58IPSRESI250800ALL180mA  9.6V4 Lanes MIPI DSI
10.4"NHWD-104KQ05-F01800 x 600228.4 x 175.4 x 5.9211.2 x 158.4TFTNO2505006240mA 3.3V24 BIT RGB



Resistiv vs. Capacitiv

Resistiv Touchscreen Capacitiv Touchscreen
Function blank blank
  • Comparatively cheap
  • Insensitive to dirt, dust and moisture
  • Use with fingers, gloves and other items
  • very high transparency and visibility
  • Multi-touch effect: the screen can be operated with up to ten fingers at the same time
  • more resistant to liquids, chemicals and dirt and easy to clean
  • due to different cover glasses also vandal-proof versions possible
  • Softer surface is needed for pressure release
  • lower light transmission and lower contrast
  • less resistant to chemicals
  • no multi-touch function possible
  • Operation only possible with fingers and especially conductive pins
  • Costly
Application Point of sales terminals, building automation, medical technology Smartphones, Tablets, Organizer
Senso-Touch: Kapazitive Lösung für Folientastaturen
Senso-Touch: Capacitive Solution for Membrane Switches

For design-oriented applications and input devices  N & H Technology offers capacitive keyboards. They are realized by an electrically conductive surface, such as glass, metal or plastic. These capacitive sensors simulate the input fields. The change in capacitance of the electric field takes place by touching or approaching the finger. Unlike membrane switches no tactile feedback takes place. However, these can be replaced by an acoustic or optical signal. Capacitive Keyboards can be made in various keys forms and shapes. Operating modes such as Slider, Wheel and touchpad can be added.

Metal over Capacitive (MOC)

Through a new, touch-sensitive sensors, capacitive input solutions with metal fronts made of stainless steel or aluminum are possible. A very sensible sensor recognize a deformation of the surface. It can be used with gloves and is extremely resistant to environmental influences. Plastic surfaces or combined surfaces of plastic and metal are possible.

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Touch panel with membrane keyboard

Especially for ​​HMI devices, membrane keypads with integrated touch screens can make user-friendly menu navigations. Input commands or preset parameters can be easily and clearly accessed. Thus, even complex menu controls with submenus can be solved in a user-friendly way.

For a touch screens version, windows can be integrated into the membrane keyboard. Depending on the requirements, these windows can be specified glossy, matt, anti-glare, scratch-resistant, UV-resistant and colored.

The combination of membrane keyboard and touch screen is realized by a highly transparent adhesive layer with a light emission of> 99%.

This process avoids the formation of Newtonian rings. The bonding takes place in clean rooms.


Folientastatur mit Touch Panel
Folientastatur mit Touch Panel
Folientastatur für ein Touch Panel mit Sichtfenster
Folientastatur für ein Touch Panel mit Sichtfenster