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A silicone rubber keypad is the central component of many keyboards. It determines the haptics, the overall optic impression and the tactile feeling. The electrical behaviour is also directly influenced by integrated contact elements in the keypad (contact pill / metal dome).

The silicone keypad has an obvious advantage in design flexibility. We can offer our customer individual keypad solutions – diverse shaped and coloured keys combined together in one keyboard. The Force-Travel ratio responsible for tactile behaviour can be easily adapted to meet customer-specific demands for a particular application.

Our keypads are available with a large diversity of coatings, including Epoxy, PU, PET, PC and other chemical-resistant and UV-resistant surfaces, to increase resistance to abrasion. High-end keypads with quality keys can be assembled with metal or plastic caps. The design potential of plastic caps is significantly increased through diverse coatings or chrome-plating.

Backlighting and light guides can be integrated in the keypad or the caps as additional options. Various solutions are offered for electrical contacts – from low-cost carbon pills to superior-quality metal domes with a current capacity of up to 2A. Keypads for the automotive industry are often assembled with plastic caps and metal domes. Integrated metal domes ensure longer life combined with excellent haptics. Moreover, we can implement almost all designs and keyboard constructions through our extensive supplier-network.

Silicone Rubber Keypad

You can profit from our comprehensive technical know-how by contacting our Sales and Engineering department. As a special service, our engineers actively participate in the development and construction of silicone rubber keypads and suggest improvements to third-party rubber keypads. For technical advice and all questions about of silicone rubber keypads, please contact us Please send us following details for an offer:
  • technical drawing / sketch (if available / alternatively you can send us a sample)
  • technical specifications / equipment extras
  • required quantity
The N & H sample set includes a special sample silicone rubber keypad with a variety of sample buttons and constructions, as well as a sample membrane keyboard with the various options. Each set includes the "Design Guide Silicone Rubber Keypad" and the current "N & H General Catalog". For the sample package we charge a nominal fee of 29, - € (net. / plus transport costs)    
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Our design guide contains a lot of interesting information about silicone rubber keypads and is a practical companion for developers and designers.

Silikonschaltmatten Prospket

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Silicone keypads with multicolored illumination

Schaltmatten mit mehrfarbiger Tastaturbeleuchtung
Schaltmatten mit mehrfarbiger Tastaturbeleuchtung

Through a new , very precise 2K injection molding process we can offer our customers silicone keypads with multicolored keyboard illumination . The process allows the integration of a light channel in each key . This light conduit is completely isolated from the rest of the transparent key and achieves a precise focusing of light beam. Keypads with this technique can now be not only backlit, the individual keys can also display status indicators . And this is in a different color .


Silicone keypads on PCBs

Schaltmatte verklebt mit Leiterplatte
Schaltmatte verklebt mit Leiterplatte

We also provide high-quality customer-specific switch modules for use in the industrial sector (eg user interfaces of door controls ) . The module (pictured right) consists of a silicone keypad , a printed circuit board and a connecting cable .

The silicone keypad is bonded to the circuit board . The LEDs for backlighting the keypad mounted with associated components in SMD technology to the circuit board. The individual switch and lighting functions are available via a multi-pin connector with pre-assembled cables are available .