Hygienic Membrane Keyboards

Folientastatur für die Medizinbranche
Hygienic keyboard NHKT-D396-TP-KP-FN-DT (Desktop)

Our keyboards offer you an excellent input experience and can be offered as front-mount on aluminum panels or as a desktop solution. A special feature of our keyboards is the ability to customize the layout to meet your individual requirements. Many models are available in a white or black design to visually customize the keyboard to your needs. Optionally, a trackball or touchpad feature can be added to the keyboard.

Our membrane keyboards are extremely robust and resistant to dust, dirt and water. The IP65 or IP68 protection class provides additional safety and guarantees a long service life of over 1 million actuations. The keyboards are insensitive to windblown dust and rain, splash water, jet water and disinfectants. They are therefore ideal for use in difficult environments.

Another extra of our membrane keyboards is the “Clean” function button, which allows quick and easy cleaning without disconnecting from the computer. The durable polyester is impervious to most chemicals and liquids. The sandblasted aluminum plate with mounting studs ensures secure installation.

Our membrane keyboards are equipped with a USB or PS2 interface and can be easily integrated into your existing systems. The keyboards work under various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, Vxworks and Android.

Product overview

Take a look at our product overview on katalog.nh-technology.de and contact us for more information. We will be happy to help you find the perfect keyboard for your individual requirements.