Silicone Keyboards

We offer a selection of silicone keyboards with customized layouts. The silicone keyboards are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and are insensitive to wind-driven dust and rain, spray water and water jets, as well as disinfectants (IP68 / NEMA 6P).

Due to the good cleanability of the surface, medical applications are possible.

Further extras:

  • Special antibacterial coating for excellent mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Optionally with NVIS compliant backlighting (red)
  • “Clean Key” – for keylock during cleaning
  • Works under the following operating systems: All Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OSX
  • Lifetime> 10 million operations

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BildDatenblattDimension (mm)FarboptionAusstattung
Hygienetastatur NHKT-M375KP-FN-DTNHKT-M375KP-FN-DT379 x 143 x 15.5Schwarz / WeißOptional mit Beleuchtung
Hygienetastatur NHKT-M380KP-FN-DTNHKT-M380KP-FN-DT380 x 130 x 10Schwarz / WeißOptional mit Beleuchtung
Hygienetastatur NHKT-M390-KP-FN-DTNHKT-M390KP-FN-DT390 x 154 x 19Schwarz / WeißOptional mit Beleuchtung
Hygienetastatur mit Trackball NHKT-M396TBNHKT-M396KP-TB-FN-DT396 x 149 x 20-37.9SchwarzTrackball
VESA Befestigung
Optional mit Beleuchtung
Hygienetastatur NHKT-M399KP-FNNHKT-M399KP-FN-DT399 x 150 x 20Schwarz / WeißOptional mit Beleuchtung
Hygienetastatur NHKT-M399TP-KP-FN-DTNHKT-M399KP-TP-FN-DT399 x 150 x 20Schwarz / WeißTouchpad
Optional mit Beleuchtung