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Startup advice

Who can manufacture my product? What will this cost me?

These are just two questions that prospective start-up companies and inventors ask themselves. Because planning a new product is a multifaceted and complex process in which the question of feasibility and the procurement of required components often arises early on. Hardware start-ups in particular face special challenges.

Several suppliers are often required to manufacture a product. Researching and selecting suitable suppliers is a very time-consuming task. Because especially for an economical manufacture of the products, one cannot avoid a production abroad.

If you have no experience in international purchasing, local production processes and the respective legal situation, you will quickly reach the end of the financial feasibility of your project. The area of ​​logistics is also often underestimated. The costs of delivery and customs clearance are a significant part of the product cost.

Individual components or complete solution?

We have been successfully realizing customer-specific products for a wide variety of industries and applications for years. With the initial focus on electromechanical input units, as a medium-sized company we now supply all components for electronic products. Starting with the plastic or metal housing, the display and the keyboard, right through to the cable assembly and the printed circuit board.
It is our aim to support our customers in the realization of their products and to manufacture them economically and at the same time in the highest quality.

From the idea to serial delivery
From the idea to serial delivery

All inclusive service

To ensure this, we offer a comprehensive full service. Starting with the advisory development of the early concepts, through to series and mass production with long-standing manufacturing partners with reliable logistical processing. Especially for start-up companies, our engineering team offers a range of services such as feasibility studies, initial cost estimates, prototyping, advice on material selection and development of cost reduction options. On request, we can also take over the complete product design including construction or the creation of technical drawings.

Realized start-up project
Realized start-up project

Supply Chain Consulting

There is also often a great deal of uncertainty about finding the right suppliers for the required components. Many young entrepreneurs start requesting each individual component from different companies. However, a broad supply chain in particular leads to an increased workload and thus increasing start-up costs. We can supply our customers with almost any component. The young entrepreneurs can take care of the development and market launch, we take care of the production. The typical stumbling blocks of global direct purchasing and the entire logistical and customs processing of the products are also eliminated.

We can score particularly well with project volumes with small to medium quantities. This is particularly interesting for start-up companies that tend to need smaller quantities at the beginning of the product launch.

Due to the intensive cooperation in the start-up phase of a project, we now have a long-term, trusting business relationship with many initial start-ups. You grow and develop together.


Your benefits at a glance

  • Production of your product from a single source - one supplier for all components
  • Construction and development – ​​a permanent project engineer as contact person
  • Verification of feasibility, first cost estimates, prototyping
  • Realization of series delivery from small / medium quantities
  • Complete logistical processing from sea freight to air freight including customs processing - you get your finished product delivered directly "to your home".
  • Competitive prices at European quality standards through our long-standing, exclusive supplier network in Asia


We take our time for your idea

N&H meeting room in Willich
N&H meeting room in Willich

After making an appointment, start-up companies can contact us for free, non-binding advice on their product realization.

You should bring the following information with you:

  • first technical drawing or sketch of your product
  • Planned production quantity in the start phase and possibly already in series production

You can expect:

  • an initial analysis of the feasibility of your product
  • Advice on material selection
  • an initial cost estimate
  • rough sketch of production times and delivery times


We look forward to your inquiry:

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