Design Options for Silicone Rubber Keypads

Silicone rubber keypads are extremely flexible. Different key shapes and individual key colors, as well as multi-colored keyboard lighting, can be implemented without any problems.
We support and advise you in detail on the equipment and material selection for your silicone rubber keypad. We can also take over the complete development and construction of a suitable silicone keypad for your application.

Silicone rubber keypads with plastic or metal caps

Silikonschaltmatte mit Kunststoffkappen als Taste Silikonschaltmatte mit lackierten Kunststoffkappen im Night Design
Silicone rubber keypad can be fitted with plastic or metal caps. The caps can be designed with different paintwork or chrome plating. The keys can achieve a night design by laser-engraved lettering.

Epoxy Coating

silberne Silikonschaltmatte mit Epoxy-Tasten

Special surface coatings, such as the PU or epoxy coating, make silicone rubber buttons permanently abrasion-resistant and create a high-quality 3D look. In addition to a high-quality and glossy surface, the individual keys convince with optimal finger guidance and a pleasant feel.

Silicone rubber keypads with multi-colored keyboard lighting

Silikonschaltmatten mit mehrfarbiger Tastaturbeleuchtung Silikonschaltmatten mit mehrfarbiger Tastaturbeleuchtung

Thanks to a very precise 2K injection molding process, a silicone keypad can have multi-colored keyboard lighting. The process enables the integration of a light channel in each individual key. This light channel is absolutely isolated from the rest of the transparent button and achieves a precise focus of the light beam. Keypads with this technology can not only be backlit, the individual buttons can also show status displays.

Phosphorescent silicone

It is also possible to manufacture silicone rubber keypads from phosphorescent silicone.
The silicone is charged by sunlight or artificial light sources and glows in the dark for several hours, depending on the charge. Such keypads are used in the field of security and building control technology, as well as in consumer products. The lettering on the buttons, for example, can also glow with the appropriate painting in the night design.
Phosphoreszierendes Silikon, selbstleuchtende Schaltmatte Phosphoreszierendes Silikon, selbstleuchtende Schaltmatte

Silicone rubber keypads with light guides

Light guides or fiber optic cables enable a selective, homogeneous illumination of keys. We can manufacture suitable light guides for customer-specific silicone rubber keypads and keycaps.
Silikon Schaltmatte mit Kunststofftaste und LichtleiterSilikonschaltmatte mit Kunststofftasten mit integrierten Lichtleiter

Silicone keyboard with bezel

Silikonschaltmatte als Frontrahmen Silikonschaltmatte als Frontrahmen

We can manufacture silicone keyboards with front frames as an assembly.
The plastic front panel is molded with silicone. This creates an optimal bond between the individual components and a completely closed surface. The keyboard is protected against the ingress of water and dust and thus enables quick, easy, and thorough cleaning. Individual keys can be painted, printed, or lasered in the further processing step. Special surface coatings with PU or epoxy coatings are also possible.