Professional logistics and storage options

As a full-service supplier, we take care of the complete transport and customs clearance of your goods. We will discuss various delivery scenarios with you in order to meet your needs on time and economically.

For items with regular and predictable requirements, we offer you the option of setting up a buffer store on site in Willich. In this way, disruptions in global supply chains can be largely avoided. From the arrival of the goods in Willich, you have flexible call options with short delivery times and a low supply risk over the entire term.

In order to meet the increasing demand from our customers for guaranteed availability of goods in Germany, we expanded our storage capacity by a further 2020 pallet spaces in 2021/470.

Other advantages are:

  • Cost advantages of higher production volumes and lower transport costs.
  • Reduction of your storage costs
  • Fixed price of the ordered goods for the agreed storage period (max. 12 months)
  • Reduced capital commitment

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The first pallets are in the warehouse