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NH catalog 2024
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Standard keyboards
Standard keyboards
Design Guide Silicone Safety Mats
Design guide silicone safety mats

spring contacts

Catalog Pogo Pins Spring Contacts


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Operate & VisualizeCapacitive membrane keyboards
Traditional design combined with touch technology
meditronic journalSilicone switch mats vs. membrane keyboards in medical technology - a decision-making aid for developers2023
PC & IndustryThe silicone keymat: A classic with future potential2023
MeditronicIntegrated Magnetic Connectors - Flat, safe and fast connections2023
PC & IndustrySpring contacts - small power packs with up to 15A2023
MeditronicMagnetic connectors - design-oriented solution for medical devices2022
PC & IndustryOperating elements on the way to Industry 4.02021
meditronic journalKeyboards in medical technology2021
PC & IndustryMembrane keyboards – the perfect addition to touch
PC & IndustryDoes the conventional keyboard have a future?2020
Electronics industryAdvantages of membrane keyboards2020
Market & technology
electronica compass
Trends in operating technology:
"actuation without touch"
Electronics & IndustryAdvantages of membrane keyboards2020
electronics practiceMagnetic Connectors - When plug and socket...find each other by themselves 2013


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  • Own membrane keyboard production
  • Multi-colored housing without multi-component injection molding
  • Article: Silicone switch mats vs. membrane keyboards in medical technology - a decision-making aid for developers
  • pdf
    01/2023PRODUCT NEWS

  • Heat sink - custom
  • Push button with individual button symbol
  • Magnetic connector with housing
  • Article: Efficient input in a small format - The versatility of membrane keyboards and silicone keymats
  • pdf
    02/2022PRODUCT NEWS

  • Magnetic connectors: prototyping with 3D printer
  • Product development & construction in house
  • Signal generators in the online catalogue
  • pdf
    01/2022FOCUS THEME

  • Magnetic connectors - design-oriented solution and efficient connection


  • Spring contacts with solder cup up to 15A
  • Flat miniature keyboards made of stainless steel
  • Highly transparent silicone keypad
  • NH Instruments: New powder measuring system PD-600

  • pdf
    02/2021PRODUCT NEWS

  • Magnetic circular plugs
  • Miniature rolling pin with 3A
  • New online catalog for spring contacts
  • Laser-cut membrane keyboards
  • 22mm high current push button (10A)
  • Custom made special bags
  • pdf
    01/2021FOCUS THEME

  • Membrane keyboards – the perfect addition to touch


  • Miniature high current contacts with 15A nominal current
  • Spring contacts with special coating
  • Extrusion blow molding from medium quantities
  • 20 years of N&H Technology GmbH – we are celebrating an anniversary
  • pdf

  • Multi-component injection molding - Diverse application and design options.


  • Warehouse expansion – investment in a new consignment warehouse
  • New sales management at N&H
  • New 3D printer
  • Lab Supply Rhein, November 24.11.2020th, XNUMX – Our NH Instruments division is exhibiting.
  • pdf