N&H Technology celebrates its 20th anniversary

Company anniversary 20 years N&H Technology

It all began in April 2001 when Dipl. Ing. Yine Zhang decided to set up his own company and 3 employees in Krefeld - a lot has happened since then. Initially specializing in the development and manufacture of input keyboards, was that Portfolio of the N&H Technology GmbH little by little for all necessary ones components extended for input units.

This is how N&H Technology is today Full service supplier for electromechanical components with a focus on custom operating units internationally known. From the smallest Button to the individual keyboard Mouldings and Kabelkonftion the company can fall back on a great deal of know-how and manufacture all components customer-specifically. There they lie Power of the Lower Rhine company has always been in the support of customers. Technical advice, design support, in-house test laboratory, professional procurement, quality assurance and logistics are just a few of the advantages that the customer benefits from. The quality awareness is reflected in the certification according to the quality management standard ISO 9001:2008 in 2002. This certification has been renewed annually since then and is in 2020 the new one DIN ISO9001:2015 passed. From the very beginning, N&H Technology has manufactured its products with specialized suppliers in Asia. The constant qualification and monitoring of the long-standing supplier network is monitored by our own location and employees in Shanghai.

In 2007, in the course of continuous growth, the company with 15 employees moved to the adjacent commercial area in Willich. In 2012, a new company building was built in the then newly settled industrial area Stahlwerk Becker in Willich. With 38 employees and an international customer base, the company management is confident about the future.

“Some of our employees have been with us since the beginning, others have joined us in recent years and have always complemented our family team. Together we have always contributed to the growth of our company and continue to work on this success story with our daily commitment. We have also been able to master the corona pandemic very well so far thanks to our team spirit. I'm very proud of that. " says Yin Zhang.

In order to make the forthcoming generational change smooth, the position of sales manager was handed over to the next generation in 2020. Markus Zemke replaced the long-standing sales manager Eugen Froch at the helm, who now works as an authorized signatory and senior consultant. In addition, N&H Technology is investing in a new 400m² warehouse and doubling its previous storage capacity. Construction will be completed in spring 2021. The company was also recognized as one of the best training companies in 2020 by the IHK Mittlerer Niederrhein and will again enable 2021 young people to start commercial training in August 3.

Due to the corona pandemic, the celebrations will be made up for at a later date with a large team event. However, there was a corona-compliant finger food buffet for the employees.