Optoelectronics – backlights and displays

We offer a selection of optoelectronic components such as LC displays, TFT displays and backlights. Some of the components can be adapted to customer-specific requirements.
Displays in IPS technology (In Plane Switch) are also new. IPS displays provide a wide viewing angle of up to 160° and optimal color and contrast representation without reducing image quality.

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multi-touch displays

We offer a wide range of standard TFT displays with and without touch functions for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Sizes between 0,96″ and 10,4″
  • The displays impress with their brightness, high contrast and short switching times.
  • Working temperature range -20° to +70° / storage temperature -30° to +80°
  • Backlights in different brightness levels from 250 - 1500 cd/m2 are available upon request.
  • We will be happy to send you the technical data sheets on request.
  • Please note the MOQ from 500 pieces (depending on the display).
  • We are happy to deliver your assembly solution with an individual membrane keyboard or the complete HMI solution

We can offer you any display!
If your desired display cannot be found in our product selection, simply send us an inquiry with the desired size and the required specifications. We will be happy to offer you the right display individually.

Overview of TFT displays

SizeArticleResolutionModule sizeActive areaDisplay
0.96"NHWD-009ST02-F0180 x 16014.4 x 27.95 x 1.751.8 x 21.696IPSDO NOT350800ALL20mA 3.3VSPI
1.28"NHWD-012ST01-F01240 x 24035.6 x 38.1 x 1.532.4 x 32.4 IPSDO NOT3501100ALL40mA 3.1VSPI
1.3"NHWD-013ST03-F01240 x 24026.85 x 29.55 x 1.9823.4 x 23.4IPSDO NOT250600ALL40mA 3.2VSPI
1.44"NHWD-014ST02-F01128 x 12832.36 x 38 x 2.625.49 x 26.49TFTDO NOT1405001215mA 3.2V8BIT MCU/4W SPI/3W SPI
1.54"NHWD-0154DF03-C02240 x 2404.3 x 4.3 x 4.37 27.72 x 27.72IPSCAPA400800ALL60mA 3.2VSPI, I2C
1.54"NHWD-0154DF03-F01240 x 24031.5 x 35 x 2.327.72 x 27.72TFTOption4005001245mA 3.0VSPI
1.7"NHWD-017ST01-C01240 x 28035.04 x 41.24 x 3.4627.97 x 32.63IPSCAPA300600ALL60mA 3.2VSPI
1.8"NHWD-018ST03-F01128 x 16034 x 47 x 2.428.3 x 35.4TFTDO NOT2305001230mA 3.2V8BIT MCU/4W SPI/3W SPI
1.8"NHWD-018ST04-F01128 x 16034 x 43.7 x 2.428.3 x 35.4TFTDO NOT1505001230mA 3.2V8-BIT MCU
1.8"NHWD-018TW12-F03128 x 16034.7 x 46.7 x 2.528.3 x 35.4TFTDO NOT1503001240mA 2.8VSPI
2.0"NHWD-020ST22-F01240 x 32036.1 x 51.9 x 2.4 30.6 x 40.8 TFTOption2503501245mA 3.2V16-BIT MCU
2.0"NHWD-020TG08-F01176 x 22038.3 x 51.65 x 2.531.68 x 39.6TFTDO NOT2203001245mA 3.2V8/16 BIT MCU
2.4"NHWD-024Q12-F01240 x 32042.72 x 6.26 x 2.536.72 x 48.96TFTOption2505001260mA 3.2V8/16 BIT MCU
2.4"NHWD-024Q16-F01240 x 32042.72 x 6.26 x 2.536.72 x 48.96IPSOption200800ALL60mA 3.2V16-BIT MCU
2.8"NHWD-028Q27-F01240 x 32050 x 69.2 x 2.4543.2 x 57.6TFTOption3205001260mA 3.2V8/16 BIT MCU
2.8"NHWD-028Q28-C01240 x 32050 x 69.2 x 3.943.2 x 57.6TFTCAPA250500680mA 3.2VMCU
2.8"NHWD-028Q28-F01240 x 32050 x 69.2 x 2.4543.2 x 57.6TFTOption3205001260mA 3.2V8/16 BIT MCU
2.8"NHWD-028Q29-F02240 x 32050 x 69.2 x 3.6543.2 x 57.6TFTRETURNS280300660mA 3.2VMCU
2.8"NHWD-028Q34-C01240 x 32047.9 x 65.35 x 3.8 43.2 x 57.6IPSCAPA200800ALL60mA 3.3VRGB
3.0"NHWD-030ST11-F01240 x 40045.4 x 77 x 2.4538.88 x 64.8TFTOption3502501260mA 3.2V8/9/16/18 BIT MCU
3.0"NHWD-030ST11-F02240 x 40045.4 x 77 x 3.738.88 x 64.8TFTRETURNS3202501260mA 3.2VMCU
3.0"NHWD-030ST12-F01240 x 40045.4 x 77 x 2.4538.88 x 64.8TFTOption2802501260mA 3.2V8/9/16/18 BIT MCU
3.2"NHWD-032ST05-F02240 x 32055.94 x 77.6 x 3.648.6 x 64.8TFTOption3305001275mA 3.2V8/16/18 BIT MCU/


3.5"NHWD-035ST12-C01320 x 24077 x 64.25 x 4.470.08 x 52.56TFTCAPA3604001220mA 19.2V24-BIT RGB, I2C
3.5"NHWD-035ST12-F01320 x 24076.9 x 63.9 x 3.37.8 x 52.56TFTOption2504001220mA 19.2V24-BIT RGB
3.5"NHWD-035ST28-F01320 x 48056.54 x 84.96 x 2.248.96 x 73.44IPSDO NOT300700ALL90mA 3.2V8BIT, 16BIT, MCU
3.5"NHWD-035ST28-F02320 x 48056.54 x 84.96 x 2.248.96 x 73.44TFTOption3007001290mA 3.2V16-BIT MCU
3.5"NHWD-035ST36-F01320 x 48056.54 x 84.66 x 2.448.96 x 73.44TFTOption2505001290mA 3.2V16/8 BIT MCU
3.5"NHWD-035ST44-F02320 x 48055.4 x 84.71 x 3.6548.96 x 73.44TFTOption2505001220mA 19.2V8/9 BIT MCU/

16/18/24BIT RGB
3.5"NHWD-035ST48-C01320 x 24077 x 64.25 x 4.470.08 x 52.56TFTCAPA250400620mA 19.2V24-BIT RGB
3.5"NHWD-035ST48-F01320 x 24076.9 x 63.9 x 3.370.08 x 52.56TFTDO NOT2504001220mA 3.3V24-BIT RGB, SPI
3.5"NHWD-035ST50-F01320 x 24076.9 x 63.9 x 3.2670.08 x 52.56IPSDO NOT350800ALL20mA 3.3V24-BIT RGB
3.5"NHWD-035ST54-F02320 x 24076.9 x 63.9 x 4.270.08 x 52.56TFTRETURNS4503006256mA 6.4VRGB, Serial, MCU 
4.0"NHWD-040ST04-F01480 x 80057.14 x 96.85 x 2.351.84 x 86.4IPSOption250900ALL20mA 25.6V24-BIT RGB/MCU
4.0"NHWD-040ZX07-C01480 x 48084 x 84 x 3.171.8 6 x 70.18IPSCAPA400900ALL40mA 12.8VSPI,RGB
4.3"NHWD-043CH19-C01480 x 272105.5 x 67.2 x 4.395.4 x 53.86TFTCAPA4008001220mA 22.2VRGB
4.3"NHWD-043ST12-C01480 x 272115.5 x 77.2 x 4.795.4 x 53.86TFTCAPA250550620mA 22.4V24-BIT RGB
4.3"NHWD-043ST12-F03480 x 272105.5 x 67.2 x 3.95.4 x 53.86TFTOption250550620mA 22.4V24-BIT RGB
4.3"NHWD-043ST40-F01480 x 80062.36 x 105.75 x 2.156.16 x 93.6IPSRETURNS330800ALL20mA 26.4VRGB
4.3"NHWD-043ST41-F01800 x 480105.5 x 67.2 x 395.04 x 53.86IPSDO NOT400800ALL60mA 12.8VRGB
4.3"NHWD-043ST42-F01800 x 480105.5 x 67.2 x 395.4 x 53.86IPSDO NOT400800ALL60mA 3.3V24-BIT RGB
4.3"NHWD-043ST43-C01480 x 272105.5 x 67.2 x 4.395.04 x 53.86TFTCAPA250550620mA 22.4VRGB
5"NHWD-050ST13-F01800 x 480120.7 x 75.8 x 3108 x 64.8TFTDO NOT350500640mA 19.2VRGB
5"NHWD-050ST19-C03800 x 480127.9 x 84.9 x 4.58108 x 64.8TFTCAPA200350640mA 19.2V24-BIT RGB
5"NHWD-050ST19-F02800 x 480120.9 x 75.95x 4.2108 x 64.8TFTOption220350640mA 19.2V24-BIT RGB
5"NHWD-050ST20-F01480 x 80065.35x 118.5 x 1.7962.6 x 11.42IPSDO NOT200800ALL40mA 19.2V16-BIT RGB
5"NHWD-050ST26-F01720 x 128064.7x 118.8 x 2.562.1 x 11.4IPSDO NOT250800ALL40mA 19.2V4 LANE MIPI
7.0"NHWD-070KQ20-C05800 x 480179.4 x 117.4 x 7.37154.8 x 85.92TFTCAPA4005006180mA 9.6V24-BIT RGB
7.0"NHWD-070KQ21-F01800 x 480165 x 140.44 x 5.2152.4 x 91.44TFTOption3504006160mA 9.9V18-BIT RGB
7.0"NHWD-070KQ38-C05800 x 480179.4 x 117.4 x 7.37154.8 x 85.92TFTCAPA20050012180mA 9.6V24-BIT RGB
7.0"NHWD-070KQ38-F04 V.1800 x 480164.9 x 100 x 5.5154.08 x 85.92TFTOption35050012180mA 9.6V24-BIT RGB
7.0"NHWD-070KQ40-C091024 x 600168.15 x 99.25 x 4.6154.21 x 85.92IPSCAPA350800ALL180mA 9.6V MIPI, I2C, LVDS
7.0"NHWD-070KQ40-F071024 x 600163.64 x 97.11 x 2.6154.21 x 85.92IPSOption400800ALL180mA 9.9VMIPI, LVDS, 30 pins
7.0"NHWD-070KQ49-F011024 x 600164.9 x 99.9 x 3.5154.21 x 85.92TFTDO NOT3506006140mA 9.6V24-BIT RGB
7.0"NHWD-070ZX44-C01800 x 480179.4 x117.4 x 5.7154.8 x 85.92TFTCAPA4505001260mA 21.4V24-BIT RGB
7.0"NHWD-070ZX44-F01800 x 480164.9 x 100 x 3.45154.8 x 85.92TFTOption500500660mA 21.4V24-BIT RGB
7.0"NHWD-070DF31-F01800 x 480165 x 104 x 5.4153.6 x 86.64TFTDO NOT5505006170mA 9.3VDigitalRGB interface
7.0"NHWD-070KQ38-F01800 x 480164.9 x 104 x 5.8154.08 x 85.92TFTDO NOT250500680mA 9.6V24-BIT RGB
8.0"NHWD-080KQ08-F01800 x 480192.8 x 116.9 x 6.4176.64 x 99.36TFTDO NOT4505006240mA 9.3V24-BIT RGB
8.0"NHWD-080KQ09-C011024 x 768201 x 152.3 x 4.6162.05 x 121.54IPSCAPA350800ALL180mA 9.3V MIPI, I2C, LVDS
9.0"NHWD-090KQ04-C01800 x 480211.1x 126.5 x 5.9198 x 111.69TFTDO NOT2508006220mA 9.9V24-BIT RGB
9.0"NHWD-090KQ04-F01800 x 480211.1x 126.5 x 7.5198 x 111.69TFTCAPA2505006220mA 9.9V24-BIT RGB
10.1"NHWD-101KQ07-C01 1280 x 800229.46 x 149.1 x 4.9216.96 x 135.6IPSCAPA350800ALL200mA 8.8VLVDS
10.1"NHWD-101KQ07-F011280 x 800229.46 x 149.1 x 2.5216.96 x 135.6TFTDO NOT3508006200mA 8.8VLVDS
10.1"NHWD-101KQ10-C011024 x 600235 x 143 x 6222.72 x 125.28TFTCAPA2206006160mA 9.6V24-BIT RGB
10.1"NHWD-101KQ10-F011024 x 600235 x 143 x 4.5222.72 x 125.28TFTDO NOT2506006160mA 3.3V24-BIT RGB
10.1"NHWD-101KQ14-F01800 x 1280143 x 228.6 x 2.8135.36 x 216.58IPSRETURNS250800ALL180mA 9.6V4 lanes MIPI DSI
10.4"NHWD-104KQ05-F01800 x 600228.4 x 175.4 x 5.9211.2 x 158.4TFTDO NOT2505006240mA 3.3V24-BIT RGB


HMI assembly

If more complex menu navigation is required, the membrane keyboard can be supplemented with a touch display. The membrane keyboard as a keypad allows quick access to recurring input commands or preset parameters, the touch display with its graphic visualization options enables interactive communication. For a closed surface, the connection between the film and the display is realized through an integrated viewing window with a highly transparent adhesive layer. Depending on the requirements, these windows can be individually specified with a glossy, matt, anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, UV-resistant and colored finish. Even when the black display is switched off, the membrane keyboard takes on significant design aspects. For easy assembly, the input unit can be combined with a carrier plate.

We advise you in detail on the subject of HMI input solutions.

Membrane keyboard with display on front panel
Membrane keyboard with display on aluminum carrier plate

We offer a wide range of customer-specific LC displays in the standard technologies DSTN, FSTN and STN. Other technologies are possible on request.
Graphics can be both alphanumeric and graphical, using analog, digital, serial and synchronous 8-bit parallel interfaces.
We offer the following technologies for control: COB, COG, (on request also COF, TAB/TCP)

If your desired display cannot be found in our product selection, simply send us an inquiry with the desired size and the required specifications. We will be happy to offer you the right display individually.

Excerpt from our product range

Class Working temperature Storage temperature
1 0° to +50° -10 ° to + 60 °
2 -10 ° to + 60 ° -20 ° to + 70 °
3 -20 ° to + 70 ° -30 ° to + 80 °
W x H x D
view area
W x H
chipTechnicVariantBLPower° C
8x2NHDW-WC0802-R8FSB1B58 x 32 x 10.338 x 16WHAT BFSTNTFLBlue5 V1
8x2NHDW-WC0802-T3SGW1B58 x 32 x 10.338 x 16WHAT BSTNTMSWhite5 V2
16x1NHDW-WC1601-T2SBY6B80 x 36 x 8.864.5 x 16WHAT BSTNTFLGreen5 V3
16x1NHDW-WC1601-A5FSB2B151 x 40 x 12.7120 x 23WHAT BFSTNTFLBlue5 V1
16x2NHDW-WC1602-M6SHN1B72 x 36 x 1064.5 x 15.8WHAT BSTNRFLN / C5 V1
16x2NHDW-WC1602-M3SBY6B84 x 44 x 13.561 x 15.8WHAT BSTNTFLGreen5 V3
16x2NHDW-WC1602-M4SKY7B100 x 38.8 x 13.580 x 20.5WHAT BSTNTFLGreen5 V3
16x2NHDW-WY1602-M4FSB7B100 x 38.8 x 13.580 x 20.5WHAT BFSTNTFLBlue5 V3
16x2NHDW-WC1602-M5SKY6B85 x 29.5 x 13.564.5 x 15.8WHAT BSTNTFLGreen5 V3
16x2NHDW-WC1602-M6SHN1B91 x 47 x 13.578 x 26.8WHAT BSTNTFLGreen5 V1
16x2NHDW-WC1602-C5SBX6B80 x 36 x 9.564.5 x 16WHAT BSTNTFLGreen5 V3
16x2NHDW-WC1602-J6SKN6G69 x 28 x 0.764.5 x 15COGSTNTFLWhite3 V1
16x2NHDW-WC1602-M8SGW6B122 x 44 x 13.599 x 24WHAT BSTNTMSWhite5 V3
16x2NHDW-WC1602-M9TXG1B93.8 x 47 x 13.570 x 33WHAT BSTNTMSGreen5 V1
16x4NHDW-WC1604-A0SGW1B87 x 60 x 14.561.8 x 25.2WHAT BSTNTMSWhite5 V3
20x2NHDW-WC2002-A5FSW1B116 x 37 x 1485 x 19.8WHAT BFSTNTFLWhite3.3 V3
20x2NHDW-WC2002-A0SBY7B146 x 43 x 13.8122 x 23WHAT BSTNTFLGreen5 V3
20x2NHDW-WX2002-C1SGW7B182 x 48.35 x 12.1164 x 30WHAT BSTNTMSWhite5 V3
20x4NHDW-WC2004-T4SKW6B105 x 38 x 13.576 x 25.2WHAT BSTNTFLWhite5 V3
20x4NHDW-WC2004-T6SBY6B77 x 47 x 13.560 x 22.2WHAT BSTNTFLGreen5 V3
20x4NHDW-WC2004-A1SBX7B146 x 62.5 x 13.6123.5 x 43WHAT BSTNTFLGreen5 V3
20x4NHDW-WC2004-A0SBY6B76.2 x 47 x 14.260 x 22.2WHAT BSTNTFLGreen4.8 V3
40x2NHDW-WC4002-A1SBY6B182 x 33.5 x 13.8154.3 x 8.85WHAT BSTNTFLGreen5 V3
40x4NHDW-WX4004-A4SBY1B190 x 54 x 14149 x 30WHAT BSTNTFLGreen5 V3
96x26NHDW-WS0902-T8FSN6G32.9 x 17 x 1.829.9 x 9COGFSTNTFLWhite3 V2
96x64NHDW-WG0906-A1FSN1G28 x 22.3 x 1.825 x 15.3COGFSTNTFLWhite3 V1
100x64NHDW-WY1006-A3SHN1G43.2 x 36 x 2.840.6 x 26COGSTNRFLN / C3 V1
122x32NHDW-WG1203-A5FSW7G64.4 x 28.9 x 259 x 17.5COGFSTNTFLWhite3 V3
122x32NHDW-WG1203-A9SGW7B80 x 36 x 13.660.5 x 18.5WHAT BSTNTMSWhite4.5 V3
122x32NHDW-WG1203-A8SGW6B84 x 44 x 13.860 x 14WHAT BSTNTMSWhite5 V3
122x32NHDW-WG1203-Y7SGW6B84 x 44 x 13.960 x 18WHAT BSTNTMSWhite5 V3
128x32NHDW-WG1203-S2FSW1G36.5 x 19.9 x 5.332 x 10COGFSTNTFLWhite3 V3
128x32NHDW-WG1203-L2FTN6G63 x 27.5 x 259 x 17.5COGFSTNTMSWhite3 V3
128x48NHDW-WG1206-L4FSN6G31 x 27 x 1.828 x 18COGFSTNTFLWhite3 V3
128x64NHDW-WG1206-L5FRN6G34 x 23.1 x 1.831.8 x 14.3COGFSTNRFLN / C3 V3
128x64NHDW-WY1206-H5FRN6G66.5 x 52.5 x 2.160 x 40COGFSTNRFLN / C3 V3
128x64NHDW-WG1206-B4FSW6G80.5 x 45 x 5.360 x 32.6COGFSTNTFLBlue4 V3
128x64NHDW-WG1206-C7SBY6B93 x 70 x 1370.2 x 38.8WHAT BSTNTFLGreen5 V3
128x64NHDW-WG1206-C8SAN6B75 x 52.8 x 6.460 x 32.6WHAT BSTNTFLWhite5 V3
128x64NHDW-WG1206-L6SKN6G69.1 x 50 x 2.865.5 x 38COGSTNTFLWhite4 V3
128x64NHDW-WG1206-C2FSW6B78 x 70 x 1462 x 44WHAT BFSTNTFLWhite5 V3
128x64NHDW-WG1206-B7FSW7B75 x 52.7 x 8.560 x 32.6WHAT BFSTNTFLWhite5 V3
128x64NHDW-WG1206-A0SKW6G86.2 x 56.4 x 5.672.5 x 39COGSTNTFLWhite3 V3
128x64NHDW-WG1206-L8FSN7G35.8 x 33.3 x 1.831 x 21COGFSTNTFLWhite3 V3
128x64NHDW-WG1206-L9SBN6G53.2 x 37.8 x 2.845.2 x 27COGSTNTFLWhite3 V3
128x64NHDW-WY1206-H6DVW7G89.8 x 54.6 x 770.7 x 38.8COGDFSTNTMSWhite3 V3
128x64NHDW-WG1206-B4SGW6G80.5 x 45 x 5.360 x 32.6COGSTNTMSWhite3 V3
128x64NHDW-WG1206-B5SGW6B93 x 70 x 1370.7 x 38.8WHAT BSTNTMSWhite5 V3
128x64NHDW-WG1206-C1SGW6B78 x 70 x 1262 x 44WHAT BSTNTMSWhite5 V3
128x64NHDW-WG1206-Y8SCY6B95 x 55.7 x 1265.0 x 38WHAT BSTNTMSGreen5 V3
128x64NHDW-WG1206-B5DVW6B93 x 70 x 1370.7 x 38.8WHAT BFSTNTMSWhite5 V3
128x64NHDW-WG1206-B7SGW6B75 x 52.7 x 8.560 x 32.6WHAT BSTNTMSWhite5 V3
128x64NHDW-WG1206-B7FVW6B75 x 52.7 x 8.560 x 32.6WHAT BFSTNTMSWhite5 V3
128x64NHDW-WG1206-A0SFW6G93.7 x 52.4 x 5.570.7 x 38.8COGSTNTMSWhite3 V3
128x64NHDW-WG1206-Y8SCY6B95 x 51.8 x 8.565 x 38COGSTNTMSWhite3 V2
128x128NHDW-WG1212-B2SKW6G69.5 x 73.2 x 10.360 x 58.4COGSTNTFLWhite3 V3
128x128NHDW-WG1212-Y6FSN1G46.5 x 55.2 x 1.839.6 x 46COGFSTNTFLWhite3 V1
128x128NHDW-WG1212-Y7FSB6G46.5 x 55.2 x 1.839.6 x 46COGFSTNTFLBlue3 V1
128x128NHDW-WG1212-T0FSN6G44.15x49.11x1.136.5 x 39.11COGFSTNTFLWhite3 V3
128x128NHDW-WG1212-A7SGW6B86 x 95 x 9.769 x 69WHAT BSTNTMSWhite5 V3
132x32NHDW-WG1303-L3FSN6G34.5 x 15 x 1.831.9 x 9.5COGFSTNTFLWhite3 V3
132x64NHDW-WG1306-P2FSW1G57 x 41 x 4.754 x 30.2COGFSTNTFLWhite3 V1
132x64NHDW-WG1306-A0FVW6C74 x 42.6 x 6.554 x 30COGFSTNTMSWhite3 V3
144x32NHDW-WG1403-A0SBY6B85 x 36 x 13.366 x 16WHAT BSTNTFLGreen5 V3
144x32NHDW-WG1403-A0FSW6B85 x 36 x 13.366 x 16WHAT BFSTNTFLWhite5 V3
192x64NHDW-WG1906-A3SGW1B130 x 65 x 12.8104 x 39WHAT BSTNTMSWhite5 V3
240x64NHDW-WG2406-Y2SBY6B180 x 62 x 13.5132 x 39WHAT BSTNTFLGreen5 V3
240x64NHDW-WG2406-Y3SBY6B180 x 75 x 13.5132 x 39WHAT BSTNTFLGreen5 V3
240x64NHDW-WG2406-Y2SGW6B180 x 62 x 13.5132 x 39WHAT BSTNTMSWhite5 V3
240x128NHDW-WY2412-A7SAN6B180 x 120 x 10.5148 x 75WHAT BSTNRFLN / C5 V3
240x128NHDW-WG2412-A6SBY6B144 x 104 x 15114 x 64WHAT BSTNTFLGreen5 V3
240x128NHDW-WG2412-A6FSN1B144 x 104 x 10.3114 x 64WHAT BFSTNTFLWhite5 V1
240x160NHDW-WG2416-A3SGW1G77.42 x 61 x 4.673.42 x 48COGSTNTMSWhite3 V1
320x240NHDW-WG3224-X5FSW6B122 x 94 x 8.0100 x 76WHAT BFSTNTFLWhite5 V3
320x240NHDW-WG3224-M2SGW6B 160 x 109 x 13.5122 x 92WHAT BSTNTMSWhite5 V3
Custom backlights
Custom backlights

For the backlighting of LC displays, we offer backlights or background lighting, which can be completely customized in size, shape and color according to customer specifications.


  • Sizes from 1″ – 100″
  • Luminous intensities from 1.500 - 15.000 cd/m² (depending on size)
  • Technologies: LED, EL CCFL
  • Dimmable versions

Advantages of backlights:

  • low power consumption
  • flat design of the devices
  • high contrast
  • long lifetime
  • Adjustment of the display brightness to the ambient light using dimmable variants

Resistive vs. Capacitive


Resistive touchscreen Capacitive touch screen
Functionality Resistive touchscreen Capacitive touch screen
  • Comparatively cheap
  • Resistant to dirt, dust and moisture
  • Can be operated with fingers, gloves and other objects
  • very high transparency and visibility, better readability in sunlight
  • Multi-touch effect: the screen can be operated with up to ten fingers at the same time
  • more resistant to liquids, chemicals and dirt and easy to clean
  • Vandal-proof versions are also possible thanks to various cover glasses
  • Softer surface is required for pressure release
  • lower light transmission and lower contrast
  • less resistant to chemicals
  • no multi-touch function possible
  • Can only be operated with fingers and specially conductive pins
  • A little more expensive
Application Especially in industry, where input must be possible with protective gloves. Point of sales terminals, building automation, medical technology Smartphones, tablet computers, organizers

Reflective displays

Reflective displays are used in environments with high levels of ambient light or in applications where there is not enough power to power the backlight.

Transflective displays

Transflective displays have the ability to work both reflectively and transmissively and have good viewing characteristics. Transflective displays can be viewed in direct sunlight and in low light when paired with a backlight.

Transmissive displays

Transmissive displays require backlighting and have the highest contrast in comparison. They are suitable for indoor applications where direct sunlight is not normally a problem.

IPS technology (In-Plane Switching)

IPS technology (in-plane switching) is similar in structure and function to TN technology and is based on a liquid crystal layer between two polarization filters.

In contrast to the TN technique, where the electrodes are rotated 90 degrees (TN= twisted nematic), the electrodes in the IPS technique are parallel to each other and aligned horizontally to the surface. When voltage is applied, they arrange themselves parallel to the field lines of the electrical field and are thus parallel to the substrate surfaces (in-plane). The distance to the eye does not change, the liquid crystals always remain in the same position, resulting in a viewing angle of almost 180°.

However, IPS panels require a stronger backlight, as the electrode for generating the voltage and rotating the liquid crystals has to be placed on the back, which reduces light transmission. The result is a slightly higher power consumption compared to TN technology. The IPS technology impresses with a very high color fastness and a very good contrast ratio. For example, black is much darker with IPS technology than with TN technology. In addition, they are very well suited for touch applications, since no bright spots or traces appear when touched.