Power Supplies & Batteries

Knopfbatterien Litihumbatterien
We provide:

Plug-in Power Supplies
Primary Batteries

  • Alkali-Manganese
  • Lithium
    in particular button Cells with
    standard and customer-designed
    Solder Pins

Rechargeable Batteries (Accus)

  • NiCd
  • NiMH
  • Lithium-Ion


Gold-plated battery contacts

In addition to our range of conventional battery contacts with nickel coating, we now also offer cost-plated battery contacts. Especially in low voltage ranges and in applications where a low power loss is required, plated battery contacts are clearly at an advantage. In conventional battery contacts, a low contact resistance had been realized with high contact forces only by large contact areas in combination. However, these large contact surfaces are very sensitive to contamination.

Vergoldete Batteriekontakte
Vergoldete Batteriekontakte

The high contact forces also increase the wear. Gold-plated battery contacts on the other hand reduce the contact resistance and therefore require smaller contact surfaces and lower contact forces. They ensure an optimal current flow and offer a surface protection against oxidation. In our Far Eastern location we can battery contacts in many forms such as Spring plates, spring pins, brackets and screws finished spring. We also offer custom parts in small numbers (from 5,000 pcs.) At an attractive price-performance ratio.