Plastic injection molding tools

We develop and manufacture plastic injection molding tools with our certified productions plants in Asia. The construction of the tools is based on own development and many years of experience.

Based on customer specifications a tool concept is created. The tool design is carried out in according to international standard parts and in accordance with the HASCO industry standard.

During this development process, we can offer a Mould-Flow-Analysis and provide technical advice for surface qualities, wear-resistant tool parts, temperature-controlled mold-injection systems, etc.

After approval the tool is created and shipped to the customers location.

We provide:

  • customized hot runner systems: HASCO, Yudo, Husky, DME, Mold Master, Incoe, Synventive, Ewikon, Parker, Staubli
  • pressing tools (SMC technology)
  • multiple injection molding (up to 128 cavities)
  • stacking tools (with 2 parting planes)
  • gas internal pressure tools
  • foil Injection Tools (IMD)
  • insert tools
  • 1K and 2K injection molds
  • prototyping