Heat sink – effective cooling management for your electronics

Heatsink for electronics

Effective cooling management is essential to ensure the service life and performance of electronic components. The constant miniaturization of the components with a simultaneous increase in power density also requires efficient heat dissipation concepts.

The heat sink, as a mechanical component, is made of an aluminum alloy and dissipates the heat generated by electronic components to the environment. It enlarges the surface of a component and thus enables greater heat dissipation to the environment. This prevents possible damage from overheating.
With finned heat sinks, for example, a high fin density can produce a large surface area in relation to the volume and thus a high cooling capacity.

We deliver customized heatsinks and for an optimal cooling solution for your electronic products.
We can supply heatsinks in all sizes and shapes: From small SMD heatsinks for printed circuit boards to compact embedded and LED heatsinks. The attachment is adapted to the specific application.



For a first offer we need a drawing of the required heat sink or the installation situation, information about the desired material, the required quantity and project duration: info@nh-technology.de

Of course, our engineers would be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on the right cooling solution for you and look forward to contacting you.


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Profile heatsink, extruded heatsink, fin heatsink, die-cast aluminum heatsink, pin heatsink
Board-level heatsinks (through-hole or surface mount), finger heatsinks, clip-on heatsinks
LED heatsink, embedded heatsink