Modules & System Solutions

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Planning a new product is a complex process. Problems frequently come up even at the early stage, relating projects feasibility or the procurement of required components.

We offer a comprehensive full service – from consulting and developing your early concepts to producing and logistic handling series and mass production.

We focus on customer-specific operating units and offer the production of electromechanical assemblies and the procurement of all necessary components. Of course, we gladly assist you in the developement of individual components – as our purpose goes: Single Source Supply.

We constantly expand our portfolio with new products and technologies for being an attractive, long term business partner. We work with a long-standing network of suppliers and guarantee an economic implementation of your projects according to European quality standards.

You benefit from our wide-ranged service, such as technical consultation from our engineering team, optimization of technical specifications for product safety, development of cost-cutting measures and much more. The Asian market with its capabilities and own advantages is opened for you by our company in Willich, near Düsseldorf. Our engineers in Germany and our team in China are the reliable support for your project with finished products at the end.

Von der Idee bis zur Serienlieferung

N&H Service

We offer technical support in the following areas:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Suggestions for improvement
  • Prototyping with a 3D printer
  • Cost reduction options
  • Development & construction according to design specifications
  • Takeover of construction and development
  • Assumption of assembly work in Asia
  • Procurement of third-party components
  • Project-specific final inspection in Asia or Germany
  • Complete logistical handling

N&H laboratories >>

  • Electromechanical tests
  • Material tests
  • Optical measurements
  • Acoustic measurements
  • Technical problem analysis, also for third-party products


  • Complete logistical and customs processing
  • For plannable annual requirements: Buffer storage at N&H Technology in Willich possible