N&H technical testing and analysis laboratory

Tests and measurements for electromechanical components

In our laboratory in Willich we offer the possibility of carrying out technical tests and analyzes close to the customer. Our laboratory is equipped with modern technology and equipment to ensure accurate and reliable performance of testing and analysis.

The tests and measurements on our own products are free of charge for our customers. On request, we can also carry out technical analyzes in our laboratory to solve problems with third-party products, which we charge at cost.

Electromechanical testing

  • Force-displacement characteristics of control elements
  • Service life of controls
  • Abrasion resistance of painted and printed surfaces
  • 2D / 3D measuring microscope for assessing surface structures and geometric measurement of components (new 3D measuring device Scope Check)
  • Pressure / tensile force meter for checking the strength of material connections, actuating forces on operating elements (buttons, switches) and the pull-off force of foils and films.

Optical test

  • Optical inspection with stereo microscope
  • luminance
  • color coordinates
  • Color measurement with a sphere spectrophotometer
  • Dominant wavelength Brightness distribution (homogeneity) of displays, backlights, backlit keyboards and pictograms etc.

3D scope check
2D measuring microscope Stereo microscope

Acoustic test

  • sound level measurements
  • Recording of frequency response diagrams

material testing

Hiresta UX conductivity meter for the high-impedance range

As the exclusive representative of the conductivity measuring devices from Nittoseiko Analytech in the German-speaking area (DA-CH) and the BENELUX region, we also offer the measurement of the surface resistance and volume resistance  as a service.

NH Instruments

More exams

  • Climate test in a climate chamber (temperature -70°C to +180°C / humidity 10% to 98%)
  • cable tester
  • Jig construction with CNC engraving and milling machine


Prototype construction with 3D printer
We have invested in a new 3D printer to provide our customers with extensive support in the early concept development phase as well as in the testing of their designs.

With the Stratasys F3 370D printer, we produce prototypes and devices made of real plastic up to a size of 355 x 254 x 355 mm with an accuracy of ±0,2 mm. In addition to the materials ABS, ASA, PLA and TPU, the materials PC-ABS, static-dissipating ABS-ESD7 and robust and chemical-resistant PA6.6 MF07 (Diran) can also be processed.

With 2 heads, the F370 is able to print the product material and the soluble support structures at the same time. The support structures are washed out in a subsequent ultrasonic bath without manual removal.