Robust desktop keyboards for hygiene-sensitive areas

Folientastatur für die Medizinbranche
Tastatur NHKT-D396TP-KP-FN-DT

We offer desktop keyboards with trackball or touchpad for hygiene-sensitive areas. The disinfectable keyboard has an antimicrobial, durable and scratch-resistant polyester surface and a protection class of IP68 or NEMA 4X.

Their insensitivity to wind-driven dust and rain, splash water and water jets, disinfectants, and an operating temperature of -20 ° C to +50 ° C allow indoor and outdoor applications. In addition to the harsh, industrial environment, applications in the medical field are also possible because the robust surface is resistant to most chemicals and liquids. A “clean” function key deactivates the keyboard during cleaning so that it does not have to be separated from the computer.

The keyboard layout can be individually adapted to customer needs. A key stroke of 0.45 mm ensures very good tactile feedback. The keyboards is working under all common operating systems and can be easily connected to the computer via a USB or PS2 interface. With a lifespan of over 3 million operations, the keyboards are very durable and reliable.

The keyboards can be ordered from batch size 1.

Product: Hygienic keyboards

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