Miniature membrane keyboard as an assembly

Miniatur Folientastatur auf Leiterplatte
Miniature membrane keyboard on printed circuit board

Realized special solutions of a miniature membrane keyboard assembly. A membrane keyboard was implemented for a medical application. In addition to an IP65 protection class, it was supplied as an assembly directly on a printed circuit board with connection cables. We were able to design and manufacture this membrane keyboard for our customer. Despite their small size, the keys are equipped with a raised embossing and metal snap domes for tactile feedback.


We have been producing membrane keypads for all industries for years and can fall back on all proven equipment features. Together with our customers, we realise tailor-made solutions for the respective application. There is a wide range of designs with different tactile properties and a large number of viewing windows, shields and lighting options to choose from.
Our team of engineers accompanies the customers already in the design phase of the required keyboard. Thus, all technical requirements can be discussed in advance and checked for feasibility.

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