IPx7 pogo pin spring contact for demanding environments

Wasserdichte Steckverbinder IPx7 mit Federkontakten

Pogo Pins, even of different working heights, can be joined together in a plastic housing to form a customer-specific connector. Pressing the individual contacts with the plastic housing, as a common method, achieves a tightness of IP54.

For more demanding installation situations in which protection classes of IPx7 and higher are required, N & amp; H Technology GmbH offers various connector designs. On the one hand, the pins can be supplemented with an O-ring seal; on the other hand, there is the option of direct overmolding with plastic and/or sealing with elastomer materials.


Wasserdichter Steckverbinder mit Federkontakten
Die verschiedenen Konstruktionen von wasserdichten Steckverbindern mit Federkontakten


By overmolding with plastic, the plug can also take on an individual and precisely fitting shape, also sockets and plug-in devices can be integrated. As a result, installation time and costs can be reduced considerably. Further advantages of pogo pin connectors are their small pitch, high integration density and long lifetime. The high tolerance compensation of spring contacts ensures a largely shock and vibration resistant connection. In this way, these connectors meet the constant requirements of portable electronic devices in terms of size, weight and robustness.

Particularly interesting in this context are spring contacts with the Super AP coating , which we offer as a special coating. This coating is extremely resistant to electrolytic or galvanic corrosion while maintaining its very low resistance. Compared to the standard gold coating, this nickel-free coating is more resistant to salt water, perspiration and electrolysis.

Vergleich Gold Beschichtung - Super AP Plating Federkontakte
Vergleich: Gold Beschichtung – Super AP Plating


The waterproof connectors are used in outdoor tracking and navigation devices, as well as in medical and industrial devices. The installation situation is always decisive for the protection class achieved. The engineers at N&H Technology advise their customers in detail on this topic.