Spring contact for THT mounting with 5A

Federkontakt SVPC-P-N165M0
Spring Loaded Pin SVPC-P-N165M0

The spring-loaded battery charging contact SVPC-P-N165M0 with a length of 19.66 mm is the largest plug-in type spring contact in our standard range and is suitable for THT mounting.
The spring contact comes in the bias design with a plastic cap.

Piston and pin sleeve are made of brass with a 50-100 µ ”nickel coating. This gives the Pogo Pin good chemical resistance and wear resistance.

With a current carrying capacity of 5A, a spring force of 500g and its solid design, it is suitable for applications in which a high mechanical load capacity is required.
We can provide samples on request.

Federkontakt SVPC-P-N165M0
Pogo Pin SVPC-P-N165M0

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Pogo Pins with current capacity over 5A

Federkontakt Pogo Pin Plug In Type (THT)

Spring Force
SVPC-F-F1911AA03Federkontakt High Current Hochstrom8A90g5,404,704,203,70 0,902,001,202,50Datenblatt Federkontakt pdf
SVPC-P-P2859SH01Federkontakt High Current Hochstrom5A100g6,455,505,204,702,701,002,501,202,90Datenblatt Federkontakt pdf
SVPC-P-P07567PH2Federkontakt High Current Hochstrom10A100g6,555,905,704,750,751,303,303,304,00Datenblatt Federkontakt pdf
SVPC-P-P07567PH1Federkontakt High Current Hochstrom10A100g6,555,905,704,750,751,302,412,213,18Datenblatt Federkontakt pdf
SVPC-P-P2776PS07Federkontakt High Current Hochstrom5A50g6,65 5,954,80 4,801,350,901,480,852,00Datenblatt Federkontakt pdf
SVPC-P-P2110PS01Federkontakt High Current Hochstrom5A90g8,006,005,905,652,501,021,300,901,45Datenblatt Federkontakt pdf
SVPC-P-P5650FH01Federkontakt High Current Hochstrom9A120g8,086,945,795,031,531,271,571,421,88Datenblatt Federkontakt pdf
SVPC-P-P07238PH1Federkontakt High Current Hochstrom8A120g8,507,006,506,002,001,502,381,003,50Datenblatt Federkontakt pdf
SVPC-P-P1882AA02Federkontakt High Current Hochstrom5A90g11,509,658,955,251,651,002,000,702,00Datenblatt Federkontakt pdf
SVPC-P-P07650SH1Federkontakt High Current Hochstrom5A120g13,2511,3510,808,803,001,752,400,902,90Datenblatt Federkontakt pdf
SVPC-P-P07408PH1Federkontakt High Current Hochstrom12A150g14,5011,508,508,0010,201,401,35 1,70Datenblatt Federkontakt pdf
SVPC-P-P1763AA01Federkontakt High Current Hochstrom5A110g15,0014,0012,5010,503,001,302,202,003,80Datenblatt Federkontakt pdf
SVPC-P-N165M0Federkontakt High Current Hochstrom5A500g19,6616,0612,6612,660,505,336,566,561,00Datenblatt Federkontakt pdf