Vandal-proof keyboards made of stainless steel

High-quality metal keyboards made of stainless steel

Vandal-proof keyboard made of stainless steel with backlight
Vandal-proof keyboard made of stainless steel with backlight

You will find us here high-quality keyboards made of stainless steel for various areas of application. Our product range includes full keyboards in various sizes, pure numeric keypads and function keys. The keyboards are extremely resistant to influences such as vandalism, extreme temperatures, liquids and dirt, which makes them ideal for use in demanding environments. Our button labels are realized by laser engraving or etching, which means that the button symbols are wear-free. We also offer full color graphics, raised symbols such as Braille, or other custom lettering.

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Our stainless steel keyboards are ideal for internet terminals and information desks in universities, shopping malls, hotels, banks, airports and train stations. They are also ideal for ticket machines and gas stations, ATMs and many other applications.

features and specifications

  • Desktop version, front installation, rear wall installation
  • Equipment extras such as trackball and touchpad
  • Optionally with LED backlighting
  • Protection class of IP65 or IP67 (optionally also up to IP68)
  • Impact resistance level up to IK10
  • Available in all common language layouts
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