Magnetic connectors with cable assembly

Magnetic plugs with cable assembly
Magnetic plugs with cable assembly

We realize magnetic connectors including cable assembly for all sectors and industries. We are happy to take over the design and development.

Depending on the material and internal structure of the spring contact probe, currents of up to 15A per pin are possible. The magnetic force can be customized using different magnets. Protection classes up to IPx7 are possible for demanding installation situations.

Please here Just let us know if you are interested in a magnetic connection solution. For an initial evaluation of your request, a first sketch, the desired specifications, as well as the planned annual volume and duration is sufficient.


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Design-oriented solution

Our magnetic connector solutions are extremely popular in the fields of medical technology, automotive and e-mobility. The integration of standard connectors is becoming more and more difficult due to the trend towards ever slimmer and design-oriented construction of HMI devices. Space-saving and modern, magnetic connectors are perfect for applications where traditional connectors are no longer sufficient. With spring contact pins and a magnetic connection system, our magnetic connectors can be individually designed and manufactured depending on the customer application.

Currents up to 15A

Our spring contact probes not only transmit charging currents, but also all other types of signals. We offer over 300 different standard pins in our spring contacts product range and select them to suit your application. Customer-specific adjustments to specifications such as rated current, spring force or coating are also possible. Depending on the material and internal structure of the spring contact probe, currents of up to 15A per pin are possible, which is a decisive advantage for the charging time of high-performance batteries.

Conventional connector systems require a certain insertion depth for optimal locking. Our magnetic plug-in solutions, on the other hand, can be implemented with a very flat and planar design, which makes them particularly interesting for applications in the medical field. They can be cleaned and disinfected very well because they do not have any elevations, gaps or crevices that pose a high risk of contamination.

Self-guiding connection

Thanks to the implementation of magnets, our connectors ensure a self-guiding, shock and vibration resistant connection between connector and device. They can also be used in difficult installation situations without any problems. The polarity of the magnets prevents incorrect connection, and the magnetic force can also be customized. Our magnetic plugs are perfect for smart watch or e-bike charging cables, to name just a few.

Structure of a magnetic connector
Structure of a magnetic connector

In addition to functional and contact security, magnetic plugs also offer a magnetic release mechanism that protects end devices if the cable is pulled unintentionally and prevents integrated sockets in walls from being torn out. This is particularly important in hospitals and with household appliances such as kettles, as the pull on the cable can cause severe scalding if it falls over. This danger is avoided by the magnetic connector.

Protection class IPx7 and higher

In addition, we offer various connector designs to meet the requirements for protection class IPx7 and higher. The pins can be supplemented with an O-ring seal or directly overmoulded with plastic and/or sealed with elastomer materials. These constructions offer additional safety and are particularly advantageous in demanding installation situations. Our magnetic connectors also provide a shock and vibration resistant connection, ensuring reliable and secure transmission.

Easy product relaunch with magnetic plug adapters

Magnetic cable solutions can be easily integrated into existing operating systems using customer-specific plug-in adapters. In this way, proven input devices can be given an uncomplicated relaunch. We design and deliver magnetic cable solutions with connectors based on spring contacts.

Hand switch with magnetic adapter
Hand switch with magnetic adapter

Further reference: Magnetic plug-in adapter with assembly

Magnetic plug adapter with assembly
Magnetic plug adapter with assembly


Magnetic plug with matching wall housing

Plastic housing with magnetic connector
Plastic housing with magnetic connector

Complete solution of a magnetic connection system with cable assembly and manual switch for data and power transmission with a suitable plastic wall housing.


Magnetic Micro USB connector

Magnetic micro USB cable
Magnetic micro USB cable

In order to ensure a secure connection between the connector and the mobile end device, even when the device is in constant motion, a standard Micro USB connector was fitted with a surrounding magnet (silver).


Magnetic circular plugs

Round magnetic plugs
Round magnetic plugs

Circular connectors with magnetic guidance can be designed to be particularly small and space-saving. In addition, the design allows 360° rotations with constant contact.


Customized cable with magnetic connector as a complete system

Magnetic plug, plug-in system
Magnetic plug, plug-in system

In the example, the connector consists of four spring contact pins and a magnet. This ensures a quick, shock- and vibration-resistant connection between the plug and the device. In the customer-specific example, the magnetic connector consists of 2 power and data lines each. The special shape of the plug ensures a reliable connection to the housing. The direct implementation of the socket in the housing reduces assembly times and costs. In contrast to conventional plug-in systems, which require a certain insertion depth for optimal locking, a very flat design could be implemented with the magnetic plug-in system. In this project, N&H took on both the cable assembly, including the Mangwentische connector system, and the manufacture of the housing.

We offer customized magnetic connectors for different branches and industries including design and development. With the help of 3D printing and manual processing, we can create individual magnetic connectors as prototypes for customer-specific applications.

This "mini-series" with up to 20 samples allows for the first assembly tests and tests of the magnetic force. With this method, necessary changes can be identified and implemented as early as the design phase.

In our spring contacts product range, we offer over 300 different standard pins that can be selected to suit the application. Customer-specific productions are also possible. After checking the engineered connector and meeting all expectations, we create the tooling for mass production.

In order to make an initial inquiry, we need a rough description of the application, required specifications and planned quantities. Please send us this data by e-mail

We are also happy to conclude a non-disclosure agreement/NDA with you in advance.
Our engineers and product designers look forward to assisting you with your project.


In our Online Catalog you will find over 300 standard spring contacts and connectors based on spring contacts, which you can request directly from us.

Online Catalog

We also manufacture completely customer-specific connectors based on spring contacts:

Custom connectors


Catalog “Spring Contacts” (.pdf)

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