Resisitivty meters from Nittoseiko Analytech

Measure specific resistances quickly and accurately

Leitfähigkeitsmessgerät Hiresta UX für den Hochohmigen Widerstandsbereich

For more than 40 years, the conductivity meters from Nittoseiko Analytech have impressed with their first-class quality, easy handling and precise measurement results. The devices allow accurate measurement of surface and volume resistivity.

The Hiresta-UX measuring device serves the high-impedance range (103-1014Ω) based on the ring electrode measuring method, the Loresta-GX the low-impedance range (10-4-107Ω) based on the 4-point measurement method.

By adding the powder measuring system PD-600, it is also possible to determine the physical properties of powdery substances via the specific resistance.

Powder Measuring System PD600
Measuring System PD 600

Resistivity is a fundamental property that defines how well a material conducts electricity and characterizes different materials into specific categories, such as insulators, semiconductors or conductors. These sizes are independent of the shape and dimensions of the object in question and thus describe a clear quality feature.

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