PCB & Assembly


We work with you to custom circuit boards and 3D boards. You take care of the idea to the serial delivery proficient in technical design, planning and implementation. This offers a multitude offers options:

Flexible, rigid and rigid-flex circuits

Single- and double-sided, multilayer all common base materials. The assembly (leaded and SMD components) is carried out according to customer specifications. As an inexpensive alternative to rigid (or flexible) printed circuit boards in etching technique, we offer double-sided polyester film circuit. The circuit layout is printed in a screen printing technique on both sides of the film. The via (“through-hole”) is realized by a special conductive paste. To protect against the silver migration effect the silver interconnects are covered overlapping with a carbon paste.


Hotmelt Moulding

To protect sensitive electronic components, circuit boards or sensors from negative environmental influences, these can be sealed using the hotmelt process.

Through different materials, specifications regarding flexibility, impact resistance, shock absorption, moisture resistance, tightness, UV protection, chemical resistance and color can be taken into account. The electronic components are safely protected against corrosion and environmental influences and are therefore also suitable for difficult applications with high air humidity or strong temperature fluctuations.

In the low-pressure injection molding process, the components are placed in a mold and coated directly with the hot melt adhesive. The injection pressure is 1.5 – 40 bar, the application temperature range between -50 ° – + 200 ° C. In addition, this potting technique can also be used to integrate bores and screw threads, or to use them directly as housings.