We offer a wide range of standard TFT displays with and without touch function for indoor and outdoor use. The size is between 1.45 "and 10.4". The displays convince with their brightness, a high contrast and a short switching time. On request we will send you the technical data sheets. MOQ: 500 pieces

ProductScreen SizeAspect Ratio ResolutionModule Size (mm)Luminance (cd/m2)Contrast RatioResponse Time (ms)InterfaceOperation TemperatureTouch Option
 014ST02-F011.4"1:0.96128 x 12832.36 x 38 x 2.6140500168 BIT MCU/4W SPI/3W SPI-20~70 °Cno
 018ST03-F011.8"4:5128 x 16034.0 x 47.0 x 2.423050088 BIT MCU/4W SPI/3W SPI-20~70 °Cno
 020TG08-F012.0"4:5176 x 22038.03 x 51.65 x 2.5220300308/16 BIT MCU-20~70 °Cno
 024Q12-F012.4"3:4240 x 32042.72 x 60.26 x 2.5250500168/16 BIT MCU-20~70 °Cyes
 024Q13-F012.4"3:4240 x 32042.72 x 60.26 x 2.52005001616 BIT MCU-20~70 °Cyes
 024ZX18-F012.4"3:4240 x 32042.00 x 59.00x 2.25350800354W SPI-20~70 °Cyes
 028Q27-F012.8"3:4240 x 32050.00 x 69.20 x 2.45320500168/16 BIT MCU-20~70 °Cyes
 028Q28-F012.8"3:4240 x 32050.00 x 69.20 x 2.45320500168/16 BIT MCU-20~70 °Cyes
 030ST11-F013.0"3:5240 x 40045.04 x 77.00 x 2.45350250308/9/16/18 BIT MCU-20~70 °Cyes
 030ST12-F013.0"3:5240 x 40045.04 x 77.00 x 2.45280250308/9/16/18 BIT MCU-20~70 °Cyes
 032ST05-F013.2"3:4240 x 32055.94 x 77.60 x 2.40330500168/16/18 BIT MCU/

16/18 RGB/

4W /3W SPI
-20~70 °Cyes
 035ST18-F023.5"4:3320 x 24076.90 x 63.90 x 4.32504002524 BIT RGB-20~70 °Cyes
 035ST44-F023.5"2:3320 x 48055.04 x 84.71 x 3.65250500168/9 BIT MCU/

16/18/24 BIT RGB
-20~70 °Cyes
 040ST03-F014.0"3:5480 x 80057.14 x 96.85 x 2.303307001624 BIT RGB/MCU-20~70 °Cyes
 040ST04-F014.0"3:5480 x 80057.14 x 96.85 x 2.302509003524 BIT RGB/MCU-20~70 °Cyes
 043ZX28-F014.3"16:9480 x 272105.5 x 67.20 x 3.02505003024 BIT RGB-20~70 °Cyes
 043ST34-F014.3"3:5480 x 80062.36 x 105.75 x 2.6400700162 lane MIPI-20~70 °Cyes
 050ST19-F015.0"5:3800 x 480120.9 x 75.95 x 3.02503502024 BIT RGB-20~70 °Cyes
 050ST20-F015.0"9:16480 x 80065.35 x 118.50 x 1.792008003516 BIT RGB-20~70 °Cno
 055ST03-F015.5"9:161080 x 192070.68 x 128.10 x 1.752001400354 LANE MIPI-20~70 °Cno
 056KQ03-F015.6"4:3640 x 480126.5 x 100.0 x 5.702005002524 BIT RGB-20~70 °Cno
 057DF07-F015.7"4:3320 x 240144.0 x 104.60 x 13.012004504018 BIT RGB-20~70 °Cno
 057DF08-F015.7"4:3640 x 480144.0 x 104.60 x 13.09004504018 BIT RGB-20~70 °Cno
 060ST03-F016.0"9:16720 x 128077.64 x 141.05 x 1.8200800354 LANE MIPI-20~70 °Cyes
 060TG02-F016.0"5:3800 x 480145.50 x 87.80 x 5.404005002024 BIT RGB-20~70 °Cyes
 062XT03-F016.2"5:3800 x 480155.20 x 88.20 x 5.004506001624 BIT RGB-20~70 °Cno
 065KQ01-F016.5"16:9800 x 480155.20x 89.40 x 5.504005002524 BIT RGB-20~70 °Cno
 070KQ38-F037.0"16:9800 x 480164.9x 100.0 x 5.53505002524 BIT RGB-20~70 °Cyes
 070KQ38-C057.0"16:9800 x 480179.4 x 117.4 x 7.372005002524 BIT RGB-20~70 °Cyes
 070ZX44-F017.0"16:9800 x 480164.9 x 100.0 x 3.55005002524 BIT RGB-20~70 °Cyes
 070ZX44-C017.0"16:9800 x 480179.4 x117.4 x 5.074505002524 BIT RGB-20~70 °Cyes
 080KQ08-F018.0"5:3800 x 480192.8 x 116.9 x 6.44505002524 BIT RGB-30~80 °Cno
 080KQ09-F018.0"4:31024 x 768174.0 x 136.0 x 2.4535080025LVDS-10~50 °Cno
 080KQ11-F028.0"4:3800 x 600183.0 x 141.0 x 7.102505002524 BIT RGB-20~70 °Cyes
 090KQ04-F019.0"4:3800 x 600211.1 x 126.5 x 5.902505002524 BIT RGB-20~70 °Cno
 101FL06-F0110.1"16:91024 x 600235.5 x 143.5 x 5.202005008LVDS0~50 °Cyes
 101KQ07-F0110.1"8:51280 x 800229.46 x 149.1 x 2.5035080025LVDS0~50 °Cno
 104KQ05-F0110.4"4:3800 x 600228.4 x 175.4 x 5.902505002024BIT RGB20~70 °Cno

We offer a wide range of customized LC displays in all standard technologies: TFT, CSTN, DSTN, FSTN, MSTN, HTN, STN and TN.

The graphics can be both alphanumeric and graphical, using analog, digital, serial, and synchronous 8-bit parallel interfaces.

In the control we offer the following technologies: COB, COF, COG, TAB / TCP

Just send us the specifications of your desired display. We will send you a suitable offer.

Kundenspezifische Backlights
Kundenspezifische Backlights

For the backlighting of LC displays, we offer backlights, which can be completely customized in size, shape and color.



  • Size from 1" - 100"
  • Lighting levels from 1.500 - 15.000 cd/m² (je nach Größe)
  • Technology: LED, EL CCFL
  • Dimmable Versionen


Advantages Backlights:

  • low power consumption
  • flat design of the devices
  • high contrast
  • long lifetime
  • Adjustment of the display brightness to the ambient light by dimmable variants

Anfrage bei N&H Technology


On the basis of your sample, your specification or technical drawing, we will create an individual offer and support you during the project.

We advise you on the selection of suitable materials and offer cost reduction options. We offer you an active co-operation in the development and construction and give suggestions for improvement.

For a technical consultation please contact us by phone: +49 (0) 2154 - 81250. Also a personal meeting in our office or at your place is possible by appointment.

For an offer we need:

  • technical drawing, sketch or pattern
  • technical specifications, equipment extras
  • required amount

Please send following informations to: info@nh-technology.de

One of our engineering experts will contact you asap.

Of course, you can also use our contact form

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