Heat sink - effective cooling management


Effective cooling management with individual heat sinks

Our custom heatsink ensure optimal heat dissipation and are specifically tailored to the requirements of your electronic products. Thanks to a wide range of sizes and shapes, they can be designed to suit your individual requirements. No matter whether you small SMD heatsinks for circuit boards, Housing with integrated cooling fins or design-oriented high-performance heatsinks for LED lamps - we offer the perfect solution for your application.

Our heat sinks are made from aluminum alloys, which are characterized by their excellent thermal and mechanical properties convince. If necessary, material combinations with copper and various surface treatments can also be implemented. In addition, the attachment of the heat sinks is adapted to the respective application to ensure simple and safe installation.

Heat sinks optimize the heat dissipation of electronic components and thereby significantly improve their service life and performance. For example, finned heat sinks offer particularly effective cooling performance thanks to their high fin density.


reference examples

LED heatsink
In a project we designed and manufactured Plastic injection molded case with a suitable heat sink for an LED lighting solution.

In our broad portfolio you will find a large selection of different heat sinks for all industries and applications:

profile heat sink

Profile heat sinks have a flat surface with ribs and come in various lengths and widths. These heat sinks are ideal for cooling components with low power density.

strand heatsink

Extruded heat sinks are created by extruding a metal profile. With their high fin density, they offer a large surface area that enables high cooling performance. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are ideal for medium to high power density applications.

extrusion heatsink

Extrusion heat sinks are also created by extruding a metal profile and are available in various shapes and sizes. With their flat surface and ribs, they are particularly suitable for applications with medium power density.

Skived fin heatsink

These heat sinks are made from an aluminum plate from which fine fins or fins are cut using a special manufacturing process. Thanks to the dense slat structure, they offer a larger surface area that dissipates heat quickly and efficiently. Skived Fin heat sinks protect electronic components from overheating in the electronics, computer and automotive industries.

finned heat sink

Thanks to their large surface area, finned heat sinks offer particularly fast heat dissipation. The fins on the surface increase the area for heat exchange and improve air circulation around the heatsink. This results in better cooling as the heat is released into the air more quickly.

Die-cast aluminum heatsink

Die-cast aluminum heat sinks are created through the die-casting process. Their high fin density and large surface area enable high cooling performance, making them ideal for high power density applications.

pin heatsink

Pin heat sinks consist of many thin pins that provide a large surface area and high cooling performance. These heat sinks are particularly suitable for applications with high power density.

Board level heatsink

Board-level heatsinks are specifically designed for cooling circuit boards. They can be attached to the circuit board using plug or solder connections.

finger heatsink

Finger heatsinks consist of thin, long fingers that provide a large surface area and high cooling performance. These heat sinks are ideal for high power density applications.

clip-on heatsink

Clip-on heat sinks are attached to the top of the component and have a flat surface with ribs. They are particularly suitable for applications with low to medium power density.

LED heatsink

LED heat sinks are specifically designed for cooling LED lights and have a flat surface with fins or fins.

high performance heatsink

High-performance heat sinks offer very high cooling performance and are suitable for applications with very high power density. They usually have a complex shape and consist of a combination of different materials.


Our engineers will actively accompany you through the design and construction phase and support you in selecting the right materials. Our product designers design your heat sink individually according to your requirements.

By using more advanced Thermal analysis software We comprehensively analyze and optimize the thermal behavior of the heat sinks. The simulation uses complex mathematical models to precisely simulate the heat transfer in the heat sink and calculate the temperature distribution in real time. Additionally, we consider the impact of external factors such as ambient temperature and airflow on cooling performance to ensure optimal results.


For a first offer we need a drawing of the required heat sink or the installation situation, information about the desired material, as well as the required quantity and term.
Gladly by email to info@nh-technology.de

Of course, our engineers will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on the right cooling solution for you and look forward to hearing from you.