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Elegance meets functionality: capacitive keyboards

As specialists in the area of ​​high-quality input solutions, we also design and manufacture capacitive keyboards. Our range includes capacitive keyboards and capacitive units made of materials such as plastic, metal or glass.

The technology behind capacitive input systems

Unlike traditional input devices, capacitive input systems respond to people's electrical conductivity. A simple touch changes the electrical capacitance at the contact point, which is detected by sensors and converted into an input signal. This technology allows for smooth and intuitive operation, without the use of force. Capacitive keyboards not only offer precise input options such as Wheels and sliders, but also set new standards in user interaction.

Precision and ease of use of capacitive keyboards

The development of capacitive input units is technically demanding, but allows for a compact and flexible design without mechanical switches. The heart of such a unit is the capacitive sensor level, consisting of an arrangement of conductive areas on an insulating layer. Depending on the application, these areas are applied to rigid or flexible carrier materials, with flexible films being particularly suitable for curved surfaces.

Capacitive membrane keyboards

Capacitive membrane keyboards can score points with a particularly flat structure. They combine the robustness of traditional ones membrane keyboards with the advanced touch sensitivity of capacitive technologies. This offers an impressive combination of sensitivity, precision and durability that makes them attractive for a wide range of applications.

Capacitive input units

Capacitive input units Plastic, Metal and Glass can be seamlessly integrated into various housing designs. The integration of the buttons provides a smooth surface that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also allows for intuitive use. These units are particularly suitable for applications where a harmonious combination of design and functionality is important.


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Structure of a capacitive membrane keyboard Structure of a capacitive membrane keyboard