Magnetic Connector

We realize your magnetic connector including cable assembly.
On request, we also take over the construction and development.


The plug is made of spring contact probes and a magnetic connection system. By implementing the spring contact pins, the contact is not generated by inserting the pins into a socket but already during the probing of the contact pins with the contact points. The contact points are soldered in the device with the board. Advantage of this technique is the high reliability at a very high number of cycles of up to 10,000 re fortifications. The strong permanent magnet consists of a neodymium iron boron alloy (NdFeB) and ensures rapid shock and vibration resistant, and self-guiding connection or simple solution of plug and device.

The magnetic force can be adjusted by various custom magnets. The connector shown in the example has a magnet with a magnetic strength of N48 and a flux density of 430mt ± 35mt. Depending on the material and internal structure of the spring contact pin are possible currents up to 13A per pin. This is a decisive advantage, especially for the load time of high-performance batteries. The integration of an additional LED lights in the assembly of the plug of the charging status can be displayed. Additional USB 2.0 or HDMI 3.1 connectors can also transmit RF signals quickly and reliably.

The trend towards an ever narrower and design-oriented design of communication devices makes the integration of standard connectors difficult. Contact Probes can be ordered even in very small designs. So the smallest standard spring contact pin is only 1.6 mm long (SVPC-F-F3366AA01). Particularly space-saving arrangement of the contact pins in the so-called Right-angle design, as there is a contact can be implemented in a very small space. The magnetic connector, as well as the integrated cables are RoHS-compliant and halogen-free.

Your Inquiry

A magnetic connector is always a customized development. Due to the creation of tools, the total production volume should be not less than 5,000 pcs.

Please send us an email with the required specifications and a possibly existing drawing to We will contact you asap.

We would like to point out that we do not offer standard products in this area.