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Customized cables and connectors for all applications

Kabelbaum Kabelkonfektion
We assemble cables according to customer specifications for all kind of applications. In addition to common cable types, we also offer the production of customer-specific special cables, including the manufacture of customer-specific connectors.

Our engineers offer a comprehensive project-specific support and advise you in detail in the selection of suitable materials.

All cables are manufactured in compliance with current EU directives. We manufacture using soldering, ripping, clamping and crimp methods

The following pictures show customized cables from N & H Technology


We assembly cables according to customer's specifications:

    • Cable harnesses (for machines, power connection, automotive and special applications)
    • Wire sets (complete, single cords, measuring cords)
    • Data communication cables
      • twisted single cords, twisted pair cords
      • Ribbon Cable (FFC)
      • D-SUB (9 - 62-poles), HD D-SUB, USB, ATA, S-ATA, DVI,  VGA, DMS-59, Display Port, CAT (up to CAT 7), IDE, etc.
    • Connection cables for LCD and flat screens ( e.g. LVDS, HDMI)
    • Coax cables (antenna cables, measuring cables, sensor cables, monitor RGB cables)
    • Spiral cables
    • Telephone cables, e.g. RJ45
    • Single cables


All kinds of standard connectors, for example:


Customized Connectors

Of course we also realize customized connectors based on pogo pins or other plug technologies. Because of the large number of spring contacts a lot of various connectora can be made: particularly small connectors , waterproof solutions ( IPX6 / IPX7 ), magnetic connectors and special solutions for high current applications.

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We would be glad to send you an offer for your specific cable assembly.

If required, we accompany you from the first design approaches to the final serial delivery.

Please send following informations to:

  • Technical Drawing, Sketch or Sample
  • Specifications
  • Quantity


One of our engineering experts will contact you asap.

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