Cable Assemblies

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Customized cables and connectors for all applications

Due to our many years of experience, our steadily increasing know-how and specialized supplier network, we can manufacture any type of cable for all kind of applications. In addition to common cable types, we also offer the production of customer-specific special cables, including the manufacture of customer-specific connectors.

We offer customized cables already in small quantities from 500 pieces. Thereby we can also take over the development and construction. For an offer we need a technical drawing or a description of the technical requirements and the application. We will also be happy to provide you with a detailed consultation in person so that we can make you the best possible offer.

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We assembly cables according to customer’s specifications:

    • Cable harnesses (for machines, power connection, automotive and special applications)
    • Hybrid cable (single cable systems)
    • Wire sets (complete, single cords, measuring cords)
    • Data communication cables, Network Cable, Ethernet Cable
      • Slim-SAS HD Cable (internal / external)
      • single-pair
      • twisted single cords, twisted pair cords
      • Ribbon Cable (FFC)
      • D-SUB (9 – 62-poles), HD D-SUB, USB, ATA, S-ATA, DVI,  VGA, DMS-59, Display Port, CAT (up to CAT 7), IDE, etc.
    • Connection cables for LCD and flat screens ( e.g. LVDS, HDMI)
    • Coax cables (antenna cables, measuring cables, sensor cables, monitor RGB cables)
    • Spiral cables
    • Telephone cables, e.g. RJ45
    • Single cables

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All kinds of standard connectors, for example:

  • Ethernet connectors, such as RJ45, RJ12, RJ11
  • USB connectors, such as USB Type A, USB Type B, Micro-USB, Mini-USB, USB-C
  • HDMI connector
  • Coaxial connector, such as F connector, BNC connector, SMA connectorli>
  • Fiber optic connectors (FC, LC, MU, SC, ST, URM …)
  • M5, M8, M12, M16, … (D-X encoded)
  • VGA, DVI, DisplayPort
  • D-SUB (9 – 62 pin), HD D-SUB
  • RF Connectors (BNC, TNC, SMA, RP…)
  • DIL/DIP connectors
  • IDC connector
  • RCA connectors
  • Automotive connector
  • Customized Connectors >>
  • Bord to Board, Board to Wire, FFC, FPC (List >>)
Diverse Stecker
Diverse Stecker

We manufacture cable harnesses for the engineering industry, automotive and special applications from medium quantities. We can also support you with the construction. The complex wiring harnesses contain all the necessary components, such as electronic and mechanical components, sheathing and ties, protective braids, and shields.

Especially in the production of cable harnesses, a high proportion of the production is still done manually. Due to our production in East Asia, we can offer cable harnesses on economical terms. The manufacturing partners are ISO:9001 and ITAF16949 certified. The production is carried out strictly according to the IPC-A-620 standard.

For a non-binding evaluation of your request, simply send us the technical drawing or technical specifications and the required annual quantity and project duration.

References of manufactured wire harnesses