High Current Connector

Our High-Current Connectors have a special patented crown-shaped spring which ensure 100% contact with plug and socket and  low contact resistance.  It is resistant to extreme vibration and suited for high temperatures up to 150°C.

Hochstrom Kontakte
High Current Cobnnectors

Sockets have a conductive copper alloy surface and depending on the application a gold or silver alloy. Standard Voltage (2A – 250A) and also customized voltages up to 500A are available.

Our High-Current Connectors have following standards:

  • GB / IEC (China / EU Standard)
  • SAE (US-Standard)


  • Recharger cables for electric vehicles in the Automotive Industry
  • Power Supply for Mainframes
  • Industrial Power distribution systems
  • Lighting


  • Datenblatt Hochstromkontakt GB / IEC Type
  • Datenblatt Hochstromkontakt SAE Type

  • Tabelle

    Dimension Hochstromkontakte
    Dimension Hochstromkontakte (mm)
    Current (A)153025024080
    Resistance (mOhm)
    Life Cycle20.00020.00020.00010.00010.00010.000
    Dim A36121.52.83.6
    Dim B14.528.530.5122421
    Dim C32324212.918.714.6
    Dim D5.89.815.
    Dim E3.