High-current contacts up to 1000A nominal current

High current contacts

In the product area of ​​high-current contacts, we offer both standard high-current contacts (5A - 250A) and customer-specific solutions (up to 1000A nominal current).

In addition to spring-loaded ones Miniature battery charging contacts with a current carrying capacity of 5A to 15A, we also offer so-called “Crown Spring Contacts” with a carrying capacity of up to 250A. These contacts are equipped with a patented “crown-like” spring, resulting in 100% plug-to-socket contact. This connection is shock and vibration resistant and has a low contact resistance at high current loads. The high-current contacts are analogous to the standards: GB / IEC (China / EU standard) or SAE (US standard)

Battery charging contacts with a current carrying capacity of <5A can be found in our online catalog:

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Spring contacts up to 15ACrown Spring up to 250AApplication

High Current Spring Contacts / High Current Pins

For high current applications from 5A up to a maximum of 15A, the 4P design with cap is used. To prevent the compression spring from burning up due to insufficient lateral forces at high currents. This cap is integrated between the piston and the compression spring, and the piston casing is additionally reinforced. In addition, a special structure inside the spring contact serves to increase the contact area.

High current battery charging contact

Dimensions: mm | SF = Spring Force: g ±20%

P / NElectricity
SVPC-F-F1911AA038A90g5,404,704,203,70 -0,901,531,70-
SVPC-P-P2776PS075A50g6,65 5,954,80 4,801,350,901,480,852,00
SVPC-P-P07408PH112A150g14,5011,508,508,0010,201,401,35 1,70

GB Standard

GB-Plug-Socket High Current Connector High current connector

  • Default: GB/T 20234.2/3
  • Lifetime: 20.000 cycles (min.)
  • Connection: crimp contact, screw thread, customer-specific
  • Download data sheet >>
Order No.TypeΦ pin /
SVPC-MCSC-0099-030Plug3,025,52,26 NA 15200µΩ 
SVPC-MCSC-0135-030Plug3,023,52,26 NA 15200µΩ 
SVPC-MCSC-0102-030socket3,141,02,26 NA 15200µΩ 
SVPC-MCSC-0107-030socket3,151,02,26 NA 15200µΩ 
SVPC-MCSC-0108-030socket3,141,02,26 NA 15200µΩ 
SVPC-MCSC-0109-030socket3,141,03,26 NA 15200µΩ 
SVPC-MCSC-0100-060 Plug6,037,53,214 NA 30150µΩoption
SVPC-MCSC-0101-060 Plug6,037,53,214 NA 30150µΩ 
SVPC-MCSC-0134-060Plug6,037,55,314 NA 30150µΩoption
SVPC-MCSC-0133-060 Plug6,037,55,314 NA 30150µΩ 
SVPC-FCSC-0103-060 socket6,141,03,214 NA 30150µΩ 
SVPC-FCSC-0104-060 socket6,151,09,014 NA 30150µΩ 
SVPC-FCSC-0113-060 socket6,146,05,314 NA 30150µΩ 
SVPC-FCSC-0116-060  socket6,141,02,214 NA 30150µΩ 
SVPC-MCSC-0106-080Plug8,0029,258,0020 NA 150100µΩoption
SVPC-MCSC-0111-080Plug8,0040,1512,2020 NA 150100µΩoption
SVPC-FCSC-0110-080socket8,1039,8512,2020 NA 150100µΩ 
SVPC-MCSC-0100-100Plug10,0050,6513,0030 NA 15080µΩoption
SVPC-FCSC-0120-100socket10,1045,0014,0030 NA 15080µΩ 
SVPC-FCSC-0120-100socket10,1045,0016,0030 NA 15080µΩ 
SVPC-MCSC-0112-120Plug12,048,012,230 NA 25080µΩoption
SVPC-FCSC-0105-120socket12,181,012,030 NA 25080µΩ 


SAE standards

SAE Plug Socket High Current Connector High current connector

  • Standard: SAE J1772
  • Lifetime: 10.000 cycles (min.)
  • Connection: crimp contact, screw thread, customer-specific
  • Download data sheet >>
order no.TypeΦ pins (mm)Lenght (mm)Φ Tail (mm)StrengthRated CurrentContact Resistance
SVPC-MCSC-0156-015Plug1,5022,203,004 NA 21000µΩ
SVPC-FCSC-0129-015socket1,6536,801,984 NA 21000µΩ
SVPC-MCSC-0157-028Plug2,8037,005,006 NA 40500µΩ
SVPC-FCSC-0130-028socket2,9538,405,336 NA 40500µΩ
SVPC-MCSC-0158-036Plug3,6034,005,008 NA 80300µΩ
SVPC-FCSC-0131-036socket3,7536,205,908 NA 80300µΩ
SVPC-FCSC-0136-036socket3,7536,203,858 NA 40300µΩ


  • Electric vehicle charging cables in the automotive industry
  • Power supplies eg of mainframes
  • industrial power distribution systems
  • Lighting technology
Application high current test probes
Example: Use of high-current contact probes in the automotive sector