Metal Parts

We offer customized metal parts from the smallest precision parts until complex housing parts.

  • Die-cast parts
  • Punched parts
  • Deep-drawn parts
  • Turned parts
  • Milled parts
  • Wire parts
  • Electrical contacts, plug contacts, pin contacts
  • Springs: tension springs, contact springs, torsion springs, compression springs, micro springs
  • Precision stamping and bent parts


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2K rubber-metal connections for industrial use

We can supply you with machined metal components in an elastomer composite.

The 2K components are suitable for a variety of applications in which a plastic base with overmoulding TPE is out of the question. Examples include sealing elements in mechanical and plant engineering, shock absorbers in the automotive sector or transport rollers in industry.

The basis for these components is a milled metal component (e.g. stainless steel, aluminum-zinc or copper alloys), which is firmly bonded to the elastomer. Common materials include silicone, EPDM, NBR etc.

Different color and hardness variations of the soft component lead to numerous variants. In this way, the requirements of customer-specific applications can be taken into account. For example, by selecting suitable elastomer materials to counteract premature abrasion or to implement certain damping characteristics. The milled metal base allows classic shaft-hub connections or screw threads for connection to peripheral elements.

We advise you comprehensively on the selection of materials and design of the contact areas especially for your project.

On the basis of your sample, your specification or technical drawing, we will create an individual offer and support you during the project.

We advise you on the selection of suitable materials and offer cost reduction options. We offer you an active co-operation in the development and construction and give suggestions for improvement.

For a technical consultation please contact us by phone: +49 (0) 2154 – 81250. Also a personal meeting in our office or at your place is possible by appointment.

For an offer we need:

  • technical drawing, sketch or pattern
  • technical specifications, equipment extras
  • required amount

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