Plastic Parts

We are experts in the manufacturing of high-quality plastic injection molded parts and complex plastic assemblies. If necessary, we accompany you from the first design approaches to the start of series production and beyond. Especially in the design phase, we can offer valuable support from a manufacturing perspective.


Plastics offer us a wide range of design options. Through the selection of suitable materials, surface refinements and creative designs, such molded parts can internalize several key functions of a product at once. Starting with simple protection against dust and moisture, through product variations with specific printing or changing inserts, to fulfilling special requirements such as ESD shielding.




Possible materials are e.g. PC, ABS, PC / ABS, PA6, PP, PEEK, PBT, PS, PPE, PEI.
We also offer many materials reinforced or filled. We obtain the granulate from well-known suppliers such as Covestro, BASF, Albis, etc.

Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment



  • pad printing
  • screen printing
  • laser marking
  • hot stamping
  • engravings


  • glossy, matte
  • textured paint
  • Soft-Touch

Coatings & other finishing

  • galvanic surface finishing
  • PVD coatings
  • EMC coatings
  • powder coatings
  • In-Mould Decoration (IMD)
  • special surfaces (e.g. wood decor)

Molded part with soft-touch finish

In-Mould Decoration (IMD)

Glossy-Matt Contrast Design

Through the targeted use of structured areas alternating with polished accents, it is possible to create high-contrast design surfaces directly off the tool. The advantage of this surface technology is that further work steps such as painting, milling or foiling are no longer necessary. A cost-effective and reliable method, which can be implemented economically even with medium quantities and represents an alternative to IMD technology.



Depending on the geometry, complexity and intended material of the molded part, optimized and individual temperature control and injection systems are designed right from the project start.
After the tool has been released for series production, the molded parts are injected. Injection molding machines with a clamping force of 70 to 1600 tons are possible.
According to our production in Asia, we can offer molded parts even for small and medium quantities at attractive conditions.



Plastic injection molding tools are developed and manufactured in our certified production plants in Asia.

The construction of the tools is based on own development and many years of experience. Based on customer specifications a tool concept is created. The tool design is carried out in according to international standard parts and in accordance with the HASCO industry standard.

During this development process, we offer a Mould-Flow-Analysis and provide technical advice on surface qualities, wear-resistant tool parts, temperature-controlled mold-injection systems, etc.

Tools will be finally created after the construction approval and later shipped to customers.

  • customized hot runner systems: HASCO, Yudo, Husky, DME, Mold Master, Incoe, Synventive, Ewikon, Parker, Staubli
  • pressing tools (SMC technology)
  • multiple injection molding (up to 128 cavities)
  • stacking tools (with 2 parting planes)
  • gas internal pressure tools
  • foil Injection Tools (IMD)
  • insert tools
  • 1K and 2K injection molds
  • prototyping
Werkzeugbau für Kunststoffspritzwerkzeuge
Plastic injection tools
3D Prototyping

3D Prototyping


Prototypen mit Formlabs In the field of prototyping via 3D printing, N&H has been working with well-known suppliers for many years. To extend our services, we now offer prototyping in-house. With a new 3D printer of the stereolithography technology (SLA) we offer our customers further support in the development process. In SLA technology, liquid resin is cured layer by layer using a UV laser. The individual layer thickness can be varied in the range of 25µm – 100µm. In addition to verifying the dataset, we can now independently support our customers in the early stages of development. These include collision checks, assembly samples, pilot series, etc.





2K technology enables the positive properties of plastic and elastomer or metal to be combined in one component. This opens up a wide range of application. Elastomeric molded parts and plastic often appear together where the properties of a single component are insufficient. The hard component for absorbing mechanical loads, the soft component as a seal, protection or damping. In a large number of cases, two separate components are designed for this. This leads to additional investments and expenditure in production and quality assurance, which can sometimes be reduced by clever design in the development phase.

Metal and plastic parts can also form a reliable connection using the insert technology. It is a process in which one or more components are connected to form a unit by pouring plastic over them. Threaded bushings, screws, plug contacts or various inserts are placed in an injection mold and connected to the thermoplastic carrier material.

We offer proven manufacturing processes to combine these two components in one product. We have many years of experience in plastic injection molding and in the production of technically silicone components.

We use this to generate the necessary synergies to develop perfect solutions with our customers. Due to our manufacturing partners in Asia we can approach profitably even for small and medium-sized quantities. Together with the diverse design options and the elimination of complex assembly work in Germany, this makes the technology interesting for many users.

We realize customized plastic and metal housings as well as combined materials. We offer a comprehensive service and support our customers with technical advice during the project.

In addition to the suitable housing, we also offer you all components related to input units, such as the display, keyboard, cable assembly and a protective cover. We are also happy to take over the complete assembly of so that in the end you hold the finished product in your hands.

Silicone Covers

Silicone Covers

Silicone covers offer many advantages to a handheld device. They protect the hardware from dirt and scratches, reduce damage and also the risk of slipping out of hand. N & H Technology produces customer-specific silicone or LSR protective covers of various hardnesses (Shore A40 – A70).

Depending on the application, an additional PU coating can be applied. The silicone covers are adapted to the existing housing and have a high customizability by the possibility of OEM lettering and specific markings.

Our engineers help you to design a silicone cover for your hardware. Prerequisite is an existing 3D file of the handheld device.

On the basis of your sample, your specification or technical drawing, we will create an individual offer and support you during the project.

We advise you on the selection of suitable materials and offer cost reduction options. We offer you an active co-operation in the development and construction and give suggestions for improvement.

For a technical consultation please contact us by phone: +49 (0) 2154 – 81250. Also a personal meeting in our office or at your place is possible by appointment.

For an offer we need:

  • technical drawing, sketch or pattern
  • technical specifications, equipment extras
  • required amount

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