Glass Parts

Glass parts for electrical and electronic applications

N & H Technology also offers products and services in the field of glass parts for electrical and electronic applications.

The wide product range includes glass panels with various optical coatings (anti-reflective, PDP filter, AR-ITO, etc.) for touch panel, front glasses for flat screens, glass for household appliances, thermally cured form of glass (also with conducting ITO coating) and feet made of glass for example Equipment for consumer electronics.

Advantages of glass


Glass is characterized by high chemical resistance, dimensional stability, even at elevated temperatures, and high transparency. It is modern, timeless and umweltfreundlich.Durch chemical and thermal curing it offers security and protection.


The major components of glass are quartz sand (silica sand), soda and lime (or dolomite and calcite). Due to the large resources of raw materials, the cost of producing glass, unlike materials made of metal and acrylic, for years stable. The production path is short, cheap and flexible.


Glass can be varied shaped and coated with high quality screen printing or design films.


  • Anti-reflective (AR)
  • ITO conductive, anti-reflective + ITO conductive
  • mirror
  • EMI


Front glasses (windshields / front panels) for monitors and displays, equipment glass, safety glass, cast glass, filter glass, etc.