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We have been your manufacturer of high-quality products for more than 20 years membrane keyboards and decorative films. We attach great importance to comprehensive advice and provide you with dedicated support in the design of your individual membrane keyboard. The membrane keyboards are manufactured in own production facilities, including class 1000 cleanrooms. We implement even the most demanding processing and assembly processes.

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In addition to high-quality membrane keyboards as input elements, we also manufacture all matching components, like a tailor-made one Housing, one perfectly tailored to your requirements cable assembly and the required evaluation electronics.

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Versatile uses for membrane keyboards

Membrane keyboards are the ideal input keyboard for devices that need to be robust, easy to clean and resistant to dirt and water. From medical technology to industrial automation, as a manufacturer of membrane keyboards with our own production, we offer solutions for almost all industries. Here you will find a selection of membrane keyboards that we have manufactured for customers from various industries:

Membrane keyboard for the cosmetics industry
Membrane keyboard on aluminum plate We also manufacture membrane keyboards with customized support plates

Structure of a membrane keyboard

The structure of a membrane keyboard consists of: five basic parts: Decorative film, upper and lower switching film, spacer film and adhesive film. Each of these elements plays a crucial role in the structure and functioning of the membrane keyboard.
Structure of membrane keyboards

Decorative film

The decorative film in focus
The outermost layer is the decorative film membrane keyboard Not only protection against abrasion, but also an attractive design. Usability is optimized by printing from the back and the optional embossing. Epoxy, silicone or illuminated keys can also be used in the key design.

switch foil

Key element switching foil
The switching foils, consisting of an upper and a lower layer, are the heart of each membrane keyboard. They contain conductor tracks, switching points, LEDs and ensure the necessary interaction. Metal snap disks or direct printing on the contact surfaces can represent innovative alternatives. Instead of polyester, the material polyimide, also known as Kapton, is also recommended.

spacer film

Distance film keeps distance
The distance foil, also known as a spacer, isolates the upper switching foil from the lower switching foil. Thanks to precise recesses at the contact points, it enables precise functionality and supports the necessary actuation mechanism in models with metal snap disks.

More slides

Depending on the function and features of the keyboard, additional slides can be added.
The example shows a membrane keyboard that consists of a membrane composite of 8 membranes.

Building a membrane keyboard

Tactility and ease of use

The combination of tactile feedback, personalized design and robust protection makes the membrane keyboard the first choice for a wide range of applications, from medical technology to industrial automation.

Metal snap disks for noticeable feedback

Concise tactility and high actuation forces

Metal snap disks for membrane keyboards
For a distinctive tactile sensation and vigorous exercise Metal snap disks are used in membrane keyboards. When you press a key, the disc lowers and thus creates contact with the conductor track. Metal snap washers are in different sizes and shapes available. In particular, illuminated buttons use snap disks with a central cutout for LEDs, which highlights the lighting of each button individually.

The force required to trigger the metal snap disks varies depending on the model 40g and 750g. This allows the feedback to be precisely adjusted depending on user preference. In addition, these components achieve an impressive Lifespan of up to 10 million cycles, which makes the membrane keyboards particularly durable.

We also offer the integration of Dual touch metal snap discs. These metal snap disks can detect two different levels of force and close two electrical circuits in a single switch. Light pressure makes initial contact, but does not provide any tactile feedback. Applying more pressure engages the dome and closes the second circuit, providing the familiar tactile feedback of traditional metal domes.

As a manufacturer of membrane keyboards, we advise you in detail on the subject of metal snap disks and help you find the optimal solution for your input system. We are happy to provide samples upon request.

Key embossing of a membrane keyboard

Improved feel thanks to individual embossing

Key embossing on keyboards

Individual embossing of the keys on a membrane keyboard not only ensures a visually appealing look, but also improves finger guidance and offers noticeable tactile feedback. By specifically embossing the keys, a haptic orientation is created on the surface, which not only enables intuitive operation, but also significantly reduces incorrect entries and thus significantly improves the user experience.

A variety of embossing options for every requirement

When it comes to embossing options, there is a wide range of options available, ranging from classic dome embossing, which enables tactile feedback even without metal snap disks, to special terrace and frame embossing for smaller keys. This diversity allows each membrane keyboard to be tailored precisely to the specific needs and desired design of each individual area of ​​application. As a long-standing manufacturer of membrane keyboards, we are able to use high-precision embossing processes and realize individual designs.

Membrane keyboard with frame embossing and silver coating

Capacitive membrane keyboards

A class of its own

Capacitive keyboards with sensor surfaces
Capacitive keyboard

Capacitive membrane keyboards cleverly use the capacitance properties of the human body to register input. This innovative technology, embedded under a visually appealing decorative film, enables touch-intensive interaction with the device. In our modern production facilities we can produce customer-specific, capacitive membrane keyboards.

How capacitive membrane keyboards work

Thanks to conductive foils that are equipped with integrated capacitive sensors, capacitive membrane keyboards enable highly precise touch detection. As soon as a finger touches the surface, the evaluation electronics registers the change in capacitance at this point and converts it into an electrical signal. This enables quick and accurate implementation of user input.

Robustness and durability

A feature of capacitive membrane keyboards is their exceptional robustness and resistance to environmental influences such as dust, dirt and moisture. In addition, they are characterized by their flatness and the absence of mechanical wear parts, which gives them a significantly longer service life. This makes them an ideal solution for applications that require a high level of reliability and durability.

Integration and ease of use

In addition to their robustness and longevity, capacitive membrane keyboards also offer advantages through their compatibility with other technologies. They can be seamlessly combined with touchscreens, LCD displays or LED lighting, significantly increasing the usability and functionality of the end product. These synergy effects make it possible to design innovative and interactive user interfaces that meet the requirements of modern applications. As a manufacturer of capacitive input units, we advise you in detail on this topic.

link More information about capacitive keyboards

Protection types of membrane keyboards

EMC protection
In many industries, especially in the critical medical technology environment, it is extremely important that input devices function reliably and without errors. When multiple electronic devices are used in one place at the same time, electrical or electromagnetic interference can cause interruptions and malfunctions without appropriate protective measures. A membrane keyboard with EMC shielding offers an effective solution for this.

These keyboards contain a polyester film coated with aluminum or copper. This coating reliably protects against unwanted electromagnetic signals. This special shielding not only protects against external interference, but also reduces the spread of interference emanating from the keyboard itself. This significantly improves electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in the area of ​​application.

For keyboards that have integrated displays, the EMC shielding is further expanded by specifically protecting both the keyboard and the conductor tracks. This method comprehensively reduces interference and ensures trouble-free and precise operation in sensitive areas of application. As a manufacturer of modern membrane keyboards, we offer you detailed advice on the various protection options.


IP degrees of protection
All-round seals effectively prevent moisture from penetrating, which means the membrane keyboard is reliably protected against short circuits. This innovative protective measure enables the membrane keyboard to have a high protection class of up to IP67 to achieve. This makes it ideal for applications in environments challenged by moisture or dust, ensuring continuous, trouble-free functionality.
As an experienced manufacturer of membrane keyboards and associated housing solutions, we are your ideal partner to provide you with comprehensive advice and support on this topic.
EMC shielding of a membrane keyboard

Features of membrane keyboards

Equipment options for a membrane keyboard

Membrane keyboards combine a wide range of features to ensure user-friendliness and optimal operability. These include innovative lighting options, the integration of control elements such as rotary encoders, viewing windows for displays, touch panels, practical insert pockets for flexible labels and robust support plates for stable installation.

Lighting options

Lighting options for a membrane keyboard

LED backlighting

The integration of LEDs directly into the switching membrane enables effective backlighting of membrane keyboards. By using special adhesives and seals, the LEDs remain fully functional even in environments with strong vibrations.

Membrane keyboards with integrated LEDs

LGF (Light Guide Film)

The LGF technology uses light-refracting films to achieve even illumination of the entire keyboard area with just a few LEDs. This technology is ideal for devices with limited space, allows individual color design of each key while maintaining the flat and flexible design of the membrane keyboard.

Video about membrane keyboards with LGF on our YouTube channel >>

LGF technology membrane keyboards

vanish effect

A highlight of the LGF technology is the disappearing effect, in which key labels are invisible when switched off and only appear when illuminated. This opens up new possibilities for design and sets aesthetic accents.
Membrane keyboard with disappearing effect

Control elements / Duraswitch

Duraswitch technology

By integrating rotary encoders and cursor controls using Duraswitch, membrane keyboards can be manufactured cost-efficiently and in a space-saving manner. The combination with flat piezo buzzers enables a compact design.
Membrane keyboard with rotary encoder

RFID/NFC technology

RFID/NFC technology

We offer you the option of optionally equipping your controls such as membrane keyboards, capacitive buttons and decorative films with advanced RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. This option opens up new dimensions of interactivity and efficiency.
The integrated chips are embedded within the film, which optimally protects them from environmental influences.

Fields of application from Membrane keyboards with RFID technology Examples include access control systems and user identification systems. These keypads are specifically designed for security systems where an RFID card or tag can be used for identification. They are often found in buildings, at security entrances and in other protected areas. In industrial environments where machine control and access security are important, keyboards can be equipped with RFID readers to facilitate operator identification and authorization.

Membrane keyboard with RFID

Viewing windows and touch panels

Keyboard & touch panel

The combination of keyboard and display technologies is an effective method to Strengths of both systems to use.

A complementary keypad next to the touch display improves the user interface by providing quick and easy access to frequently used commands or predefined parameters. The haptic feedback the membrane keyboard reduces user errors and thus increases operational safety. Integrated snap disks provide both tactile feedback and audible click feedback when the buttons are pressed.

For the Integration of touch screens Various techniques are available:

One method is to punch out the area for the display, another is to embed a viewing window into the membrane keyboard. The specification of these windows can be customized for gloss, matt finish, anti-reflective coating, scratch resistance, UV resistance and color. The combination of film and display is achieved using a highly transparent adhesive layer that ensures light transmission of over 99%. This bond creates a uniform surface that is chemical resistant, liquid and dust sealed, increasing suitability for use in food processing, laboratories and medical applications.

Specialist article on the topic: Membrane keyboards – the perfect addition to touch link
Membrane keyboard with touch display

Insert pockets for flexible labels

Practical solution and quick customization

Insert pockets in membrane keyboards allow easy and quick adjustment of the key labels, ideal when changing device functions or for multilingual applications.

Membrane keyboard with insert pockets

Support plates for stable installation

Ideal solution for front mounting

For reinforcement, the membrane keyboard is mounted on tailor-made support plates, using aluminum plates as standard, which may be equipped with press-in bolts for easy installation.

The membrane keyboard is then glued to the entire surface of this carrier plate, which also makes it possible to integrate a complete assembly, including the display and circuit board. Depending on the installation situation, this can also be achieved with an integrated seal to further increase protection and functionality.

Membrane keyboard with aluminum plate

Design options of membrane keyboards

Membrane keyboard design
Membrane keyboards offer a wide range of design options to meet different requirements in terms of functionality, aesthetics and feel. The design of a membrane keyboard has a significant influence on its user-friendliness. A well-designed interface enables fast and precise entries, which is particularly important in areas where speed and precision are important. In addition, the design contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the final product. Colors, shapes and textures play a role in brand identity and can contribute to customer loyalty.

Membrane keyboard in screen printing / digital printing
Screen printing and digital printing
Membrane keyboards are printed on the back. This achieves a particularly long service life for the print and the print is protected from abrasion and wear. The common methods are:

Screen printing

Screen printing is characterized by its... cost and the possibility of permanent and durable labels to generate. This process applies paint directly to the film through a fine-mesh screen, allowing for precise and vibrant results. This method is ideal for producing membrane keyboards that need to be both durable and visually appealing, and supports a wide range of colors and designs.

Digital printing

Digital printing technology is ideal for creating membrane keyboards with Color gradients and photorealistic graphics, as it offers extensive flexibility in the design process. It is particularly advantageous for prototypes, one-off items and small series, because it eliminates the need and associated costs of creating screen-printed templates. This makes digital printing a cost-effective and flexible solution for the production of individually designed membrane keyboards.

Membrane keyboard with silicone keys / silicone cover

Membrane keyboards with silicone keys offer one non-slip surface , and a high-quality tactile feel. The option of replacing the classic decorative film with a silicone layer opens up new possibilities for implementation individually shaped buttons. From intuitively designed guide elements to Braille labels to precisely shaped cursor keys - the possibilities for personalization are almost unlimited.

This flexibility makes the keyboards not only aesthetically pleasing, but also very versatile in their functionality. In addition, such keyboards particularly robust and resistant, making them ideal for use in harsh environments. The surface coatings are specifically adapted to the requirements to ensure optimal performance.

Membrane keyboards with doming and epoxy finishing
Epoxy finishing offers an effective method to three-dimensional buttons to create. Instead of relying on traditional embossing, an epoxy material is carefully applied to the key surface.

This approach not only creates a special noble and shiny surface, but also gives the keys a raised look and ensures a pleasantly soft feel. In addition, the epoxy coating offers a safe Protection against abrasion and scratches. The design options are almost unlimited and can be individually tailored to specific requirements.

Surface structures of membrane keyboards
Special decorative films enable a wide range of surface structures, ranging from a classic high gloss to a soft satin finish. In addition, effects can be achieved using specially embossed foils Metal look or carbon look imitate. This makes a versatile and attractive design of surfaces possible.
Membrane keyboards with a metal effect

Development & construction of membrane keyboards

Keyboard manufacturer
Design and development at N&H

Your manufacturer of individual membrane keyboards with comprehensive expertise

With our many years of experience in the production of membrane keyboards, we guarantee you a comprehensive, complete service engineers are not only available to you Design and construction phase to your side, but also provide you with comprehensive advice Selection of the optimal materials. We would be happy to provide you with targeted suggestions for improvement based on our expertise or develop strategies for cost efficiency.

In-house production of membrane keyboards for the highest quality standards

The production of our membrane keyboards takes place in our company own, modernly equipped production facility taking place in Asia. We rely on a team of dedicated professionals, including specialists in research and development, project management and quality control, all of which years of experience in the production of membrane keyboards. Our production facilities are with most modern technologies from Japan, the USA and Taiwan and are also supplemented by class 1000 clean rooms designed for highly demanding processing and assembly processes are essential.

Laser-cut membrane keyboards for flexibility and efficiency

Our State-of-the-art laser cutting technology enables flexible and efficient production of membrane keyboards. This procedure makes it possible for us to short-term requirements to implement quickly, functional prototypes to develop and efficiently produce special series in small editions. In addition, the possibility of individual printing without having to rely on conventional punching and printing tools allows for considerable Shortening delivery times. So we are able to within just three weeks to produce and deliver series-like membrane keyboards.

This is how we start your project

In order to be able to make you an initial offer, we need one technical drawing, a sketch or a pattern of your product, supplemented by Technical specifications and details of desired equipment extras. Please also inform us about the quantity or quantity you require Annual requirement. Of course, we are prepared to conclude a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you in advance to ensure the protection of your data and ideas.
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The N&H sample set includes a special sample silicone keymat with a variety of buttons and constructions, as well as a sample membrane keyboard with the various equipment options.

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