spring contacts and battery charging contacts

spring contacts and battery charging contacts

We offer a wide range of high-quality spring contacts and battery charging contacts.
In our online catalog you will find over 300 standard spring contacts and connectors that you can use with just a few clicks contact us directly can.

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Complete custom developments or changes to certain specifications, including current rating, spring force, and plating, we can also make. Our experienced team of engineers will help them design bespoke solutions that perfectly fit your needs. We offer a variety of options, including different materials, surface coatings and connector configurations.

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Spring contacts, also known as pogo pins or SLC (spring loaded contact), are a proven technology for reliably contacting uneven surfaces. Contact is made by touching a spring-loaded pin. This technology offers a high functional reliability at a very high number of cycles and is particularly suitable for use in power and data transmission.

The standard versions have a nominal current of 1A or 2A, while specially designed models up to 15A can transfer. We also offer customer-specific developments to realize higher nominal currents.

Spring contact connectors consist of several spring contact pins that are assembled in a plastic housing. We offer custom connectors that we customize in terms of pitch, pin count, and package dimensions. We also realize by integrating magnets magnetic connectors according to your requirements.

For a variety of mounting options, we offer different connection types such as SMD, THT, solder cup and crimp connection. Almost all spring contacts can be equipped with a assembly cap and delivered on a roll / tape. This enables a automated assembly and reduces assembly time.


  • Spring contacts have a long mechanical service life,
  • adjustable and measurable spring force,
  • small pitch and a high integration density.
  • Transmission of high currents up to 15A are possible
  • SMD, THT, crimp connections, solder cup for flexible connections
  • high tolerance compensation compared to fixed connectors
  • good performance in high frequency applications
  • RoHs compliant and halogen free


  • Battery charging stations and battery compartments of electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and cameras
  • Connection elements in the automotive industry, e.g. for airbag sensors or engine controls
  • Connectors in aerospace engineering, eg for avionics systems or satellites
  • Medical technology, eg for connecting sensors and actuators in implantable devices or as part of diagnostic and therapy devices
  • Industrial applications, eg for connecting sensors, actuators or controls in machines or robots

Excerpt from our references for customer-specific spring contacts

Coating of spring contacts
Spring contacts with customer-specific coating partly. with partial coating.
Spring contact with 900gf spring force
Spring contact with 900gf spring force and extended solder wire
Spring contact and mating contact with solder cup
Spring contact and mating contact with solder cup
Custom connector with right-angle spring contacts
Custom designed miniature plug with right-angle spring contacts
Custom plug with rolling pins
Custom plug with rolling pins. The housing is electrically conductive.
Custom plug with rolling pins
Customized connector with right-angle design rolling pins
Custom spring contact with screw thread
Custom spring contact with screw thread

Connector with spring contacts and mating contacts with partial Super-AP coating
Connector with spring contacts and mating contacts with partial Super-AP coating

Structure of spring contacts

Structure of a spring contact

A spring contact probe consists of three precision-made components that are perfectly matched to each other: a plunger, a spring and a probe body. Together they form a complete, reliable and durable system that ensures a smooth electrical connection.

Design variants of spring contacts

By using different design constructions, the performance and lifespan of the spring contacts is greatly improved.

Standard design variants

Structure of spring contacts
Design variants of spring contacts:
Back Drill Design | bias design | 4P design with ball | 4P design with cap | Rolling pin | Screw pin

Back drill design
The back drill design is particularly suitable for smaller designs and allows customer-specific spring forces through a longer spring compared to the hollow piston.
bias design
The bias design is recommended for optimal contact guarantee and reduction of signal interference due to vibration. Here the piston is beveled at an angle of up to 18° at the end. This design is used for almost all spring contact probes from a length of 3,5mm.
4P design with ball
The 4P design with ball is recommended when current carrying capacity and vibration resistance requirements are particularly high (>3A). A stainless steel ball is integrated between the piston and the compression spring to prevent the compression spring from burning up at high currents.
4P design with cap
The 5P design with cap is suitable for high-current applications from 4A. Here the envelope of the piston is reinforced and a special structure inside the spring contact increases the contact area. The service life of these high-current spring contacts is at least 10.000 cycles.
Special design variants

Screw design spring contact

Spring contact with screw thread

The constant miniaturization of electronic devices presents manufacturers and engineers with immense challenges, as more and more functions have to be accommodated in the smallest of spaces. In this context, manufacturing technology plays a central role in ensuring the performance and reliability of the devices. This is where the spring contact design with integrated screw thread comes into play, which perfectly meets the requirements of miniaturization.

This innovative design not only enables the transmission of power and signal currents, but also fulfills an important function as a screw. The integration of the screw thread ensures a secure and reliable attachment of the spring contact without the need for additional fasteners. This saves space and significantly reduces assembly time.

The screw thread can be integrated customer-specifically in all flat type spring contacts from a piston length of 3,5mm. This makes the design extremely flexible and adaptable to the needs of a wide variety of applications. Whether in mobile devices, medical devices, the automotive or aerospace industry - the spring contact design with integrated screw thread is used in numerous areas and enables safe and efficient transmission of power and signal currents in compact, high-performance devices.

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360° rolling pin spring contact

Rolling pin ball head spring contact

The rolling pin is an innovative further development of the conventional spring pin, which enables reliable contact between two components with lateral and rotating movements. In contrast to a conventional spring contact, the rolling pin is equipped with a plunger, which is supplemented by an integrated ball in the pin tip.

This innovative construction ensures constant contact, even with 360° rotations. The spring-loaded ball significantly reduces possible transmission interference as a result of movements, vibrations or shocks. We offer different variants for SMD and THT assembly. Depending on the pin, the nominal current is between 1A and 6A.

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Connection options of spring contacts

Our range of spring contacts includes various termination options including flat type spring contacts for SMD assembly and plug-in type spring contacts for THT assembly. These can be supplied with assembly caps or on reels, making them ideal for automatic assembly processes. For individual requirements, we also offer spring contacts with crimp connections or solder cup connections/solder cups. We will be happy to review your request and advise you on choosing the right option. Simply contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Spring contact with solder cupSpring contacts with solder cup up to 15A

Coating of spring contacts

Coating of spring contacts
Spring contacts ensure reliable transmission of signals and currents in electronic devices. To meet the needs of specific applications, we offer a wide range of materials for manufacturing spring contacts. By default, the plunger and barrel are made of brass, while the spring is made of stainless steel. Alternatively, however, beryllium copper, phosphor bronze and SK4 steel are also available for the production of pistons, while beryllium copper and phosphor bronze can also be used for the pin sleeve.

To ensure optimal electrical conductivity and a high level of protection against corrosion and oxidation, our spring contacts are coated with gold. The pen sleeve and the piston are usually coated twice - first with nickel 1-2μm and then with gold 0,1-1μm.

We also offer partial coatings individual components as well as other precious metal coatings to meet your specific requirements. Contact us for more information and to find a tailor-made solution for your application.

Comparison of individual coatings

Coating Hardness (HV) function (color)
Gold 200 low resistance (gold)
Great AP 400 highest corrosion resistance, low electrical resistance (silver)
Nickel 150 – 200 Corrosion resistance / comp. cheap (silver)
Palladium Nickel 330 – 380 Improved signal transmission (silver)
brass 600 Alternative to nickel (silver)
palladium cobalt 450 – 600 Alternative to palladium-nickel (silver)
palladium cobalt 600 – 800 Color requirement black


In the example shown, the connector is equipped with a partial Super-AP coating (silver) for a wearable application. This is to minimize corrosion of the electrical contacts from sweat or moisture. The plug is under the article number SVPC-C-P08945MS1-03A250HR and SVPC-C-P08945FL2-03AHR available. The spring contact plug has a current of 1A and a spring force of 120g. The service life is at least 10.000 cycles.
Spring contact with Super AP coating

Connectors with spring contacts

customized spring contact plugs

We offer you a wide range of connectors based on spring contacts. In addition to our standard solutions, we can also manufacture custom connectors tailored to your specific needs. Our custom connectors include extra small connectors, waterproof solutions, magnetic connectors as well as special solutions for high current applications. In addition, we also offer the cost-effective production of complete assemblies with connectors and cable assembly. Our engineers will be happy to support you in the development and manufacture of assemblies.

References of customized connectors

Waterproof connectors with spring contacts

Several spring contacts, also of different working heights, are combined in a plastic housing to form a customer-specific connector. As a common method, the pressing of the individual contacts with the plastic housing achieves a IP54 tightness.

Waterproof connectors with spring contacts

For more demanding installation situations in which higher protection classes of IPx7 and higher are required, we offer various connector designs. Pins can come with O-ring seals supplemented or directly with plastic overmoulded and/or with elastomeric materials sealed become. Due to the overmolding, the connector can individual shape and integrate sockets and plug-in devices. This reduces assembly time and assembly costs.

Our waterproof connectors are used in outdoor mobile tracking and navigation devices as well as in medical technology and industry. Please note that the protection class achieved always depends on the installation situation. We would be happy to advise you in detail on this topic.

Magnetic connectors

Magnetic plugs with cable assembly
Magnetic plugs with cable assembly

Also we offer the design and manufacturing magnetic connectors with cable assembly. A magnetic connector consists of spring contact pins and a magnetic connection system that enables a shock and vibration resistant and self-aligning connection. The spring contacts not only allow the transmission of charging current, but also of all kinds of signals. Learn more about magnetic connectors and their benefits:

magnetic connector


In our Online Catalog you will find over 300 standard spring contacts and connectors based on spring contacts, which you can request directly from us.
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