Rolling Pogo Pin

While the regular pogo pin is designed for vertical movement, we developed a special design for lateral movement.
It is based on the bias tail design. The bias tail of plunger creates lateral force and better contact.The matting side can be a circular track for a 360° strong rotation. It’s a best solution for product display, rotating camera and robot, etc.

Federkontakt Rolling Pin

Federkontakt mit Ball Spitze Rolling TypeBeispiel: Federkontaktstecker Rolling Type

Standard Types

(Zyklen / min)
SVPC-RF-P5079FP04Flat Type3,52.00060gpdf
SVPC-RF-P5079FP06Flat Type4,02.00060gpdf
SVPC-RP-P5982MP53CHRPlug-In Stecker23,01,1200.00060gpdf
SVPC-RP-P5982PP02Plug-In Type9,451,15.00060gpdf
SVPC-RP-P5982PP03Plug-In Type9,451,15.000 80gpdf
SVPC-RP-P5982PP05Plug-In Type9,451,1200.00060gpdf
SVPC-RP-P6217PP01Plug-In Type15,01,5200.00060gpdf