Pogo Pins / SLC (Spring Loaded Contacts)

Federkontakte und Batterieladekontakte

We offer a wide range of different pogo pins. In our online catalog you will find over 300 standard pogo pins, which you can contact us directly. Completely customer-specific developments or changes to certain specifications are also possible.

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Spring contacts are also called pogo pin or SLC (Spring Loaded Contact). The contact is not created by inserting a pin into a socket, as is the case with conventional plug connectors, but by touching it with a spring-assisted pin. The ball design maximizes the number of contact points, thereby allowing a higher and more stable flow of current. The advantage of this technology is a high level of functional reliability with a very high number of cycles.

Spring contacts are used in the field of charging applications to high-frequency signal transmissions such as battery charging stations and battery compartments of electronic devices (docking stations, smartphones, tablet PCs, and laptops) and for grounding on housings. Their high tolerance range makes them particularly suitable for contacting uneven surfaces.

The rated current is 1A or 2A for the standard versions or up to max. 15A due to the special design. The contact resistance at < 100mΩ (depending on the design).

Several pogo pins can also be joined together in a plastic housing to form a spring contact connector. In addition, customer-specific connectors can be implemented in terms of pitch, a number of pins, and housing dimensions. Different connection forms (SMD, THT, crimp connection) allow a multitude of mounting options on SMD assemblies. For automated assembly, almost all spring contacts can be supplied with a fitting cap and on a roll. The assembly time can be significantly reduced by using spring contacts.

  • long life span
  • customized solutions
  • adjustable and measurable spring force
  • small pitch, high integration density
  • space-saving compared to conventional connectors
  • SMD, THT, crimp connections, solder connection for flexible connections
  • good performance in high frequency applications
  • RoHs compliant and halogen-free


References of customer-specific developments
Federkontakte mit kundenspezifischen Beschichtungen
Spring contacts with customer-specific coating / with partial coating.
Federkontakt mit 900gf Federkraft
Pogo Pin with 900gf spring force and extended solder wire
Federkontakt und Gegenkontakt mit Lötkelch
Spring contact and mating contact with solder cup
Kundenspezifischer Stecker mit Right-Angle Federkontakten
Custom designed miniature plug with right-angle spring contacts
Kundenspezifischer Stecker mit Rolling Pins
Custom plug with rolling pins. The housing is electrically conductive.
Kundenspezifischer Stecker mit Rolling Pins
Customized connector with right-angle design rolling pins
Kundenspezifischer Federkontakt mit Schraubgewinde
Custom spring contact with screw thread
Stecker mit Federkontakten und Gegenkontakten mit partieller Super-AP Beschichtung
Connector with spring contacts and mating contacts with partial Super-AP coating

We would be happy to construct and develop a suitable solution for your application!


Structure of a pogo pin

The pogo pin connector consists of 3 parts – Plunger, Spring, and Barrel.



Standard Design

Aufbau von Federkontakten
Pogo Pin Designs:
Back Drill Design | Bias Design | 4P Design with Ball | 4P Design with Cap | Rolling Pin | Screw Pin


Back Drill Design

The drilled tail makes extra space for spring and creates a shorter pogo pin. For smaller designs, the so-called Back Drill Design is used. In order to achieve the customer-specific desired spring force, the spring used in this design is longer than the hollow plunger.

  • Pin Length: < 3.5 mm
  • Current: 1A

Bias Design

The bias tail of the plunger creates lateral force and better contact. To ensure a 100% contact of the plunger with the barrel, a bias design is used. In this design, the plunger is beveled at its end at an angle of up to 18 ° and inserted into the pen case. As a result, a 100% contact of the plunger with the barrel is ensured upon the actuation of the spring contact pin. This significantly reduces the signal disturbance due to vibrations. The bias design is applied to almost all spring contact pins from a length of 3.5mm

  • Pin Length: ≈ 3.5 mm
  • Current: ~ 2A


With high current carrying capacity requirements (> 3A) and vibration resistance, the bias design is complemented by the 4P-Design. If the plunger and the barrel of a spring contact pin do not connect properly at high currents due to insufficient lateral forces, the spring could burn out. To avoid this, the previous three components of a spring contact pin (Plunger, Spring, and Barrel) are complemented by a stainless steel ball as a fourth component in the 4P-Design. This ball is integrated between the plunger and the compression spring. The flow of current is conducted to the sleeve via the stainless steel ball and the signal disturbance as a result of vibrations is significantly reduced. As an alternative to the stainless steel ball, a cap can also be used.

  • Current: 3~5A

High-Current Design / 4P-Design with Cap

For high current applications from 5A up the 4P-Design with cap is used. The barrel is additionally reinforced. In addition, a special structure in the interior of the spring contact serves to increase the contact area. The service life of the high-current spring contacts is at least 10,000 cycles.

Special Design


Federkontakt mit Gewinde, Screw Pogo Pin
Federkontakt mit Gewinde, Screw Pogo Pin

Electronic devices are getting smaller, faster, and more efficient. This miniaturization places the highest demands on the production technology because more and more functions have to be integrated into the small devices. The new spring contact design with an integrated screw thread on the barrel helps to meet these requirements. In addition to the function as a screw, also power and signal currents can be transmitted. The screw thread can be integrated with all flat type pogo pins with a piston length of 3.5mm. … Online-Product Range of Screw-Type Pins >>


360° Rolling Pin Design


The special design of the rolling pins enables reliable contacting between two components during lateral and rotating movements. In contrast to a conventional spring contact, the rolling pin has an integrated ball head. In order to significantly reduce transmission disturbances as a result of vibrations, the piston end of the spring contact is beveled at an angle of up to 18° and inserted into the pen shell in this way. This guarantees a 100% contact of the piston with the pen sleeve and thus a reliable transmission of signals and currents.
We offer different variants for SMD and THT assembly. Depending on the pin, the nominal current is between 1A and 6A. … Online-Product Range of Rolling Pins >>


Connection Options
We offer spring contacts with the following connection options:

  • Flat type spring contacts for SMD assembly
  • Plug-in type spring contacts for THT assembly

The spring contacts can be supplied with a mounting cap and on a reel for automatic assembly.

If you need a spring contact with a crimp connection or solder cup connection, we can always check this option individually. Please contact us for this.

Federkontakte mit Lötkelch bis 15A
Federkontakte mit Lötkelch bis 15A

Plating Material

By default, the plunger and barrel are made of brass and the spring is made of stainless steel. Optionally, other materials
are available to meet the requirements of specific applications.

  • Plunger: Brass (Standard), Beryllium Copper, Phosphor-Bronze, SK4 – Steel
  • Barrel: Brass (Standard), Beryllium Copper, Phosphor-Bronze
  • Spring: Stainless Steel
  • Housing: Polyoxyethylen (Standard), HTN Polyphthalamide, LCP Liquid-crystal polymers., PBT Polybutylene terephthalate, PA10T


Beschichtungen von Federkontakten
Pogo Pin Plating Material

The spring contact pin is gold plated in the standard version because it has excellent electrical conductivity and provides high protection against corrosion and oxidation. The Plunger and the barrel are usually double-coated (first with nickel 1-2μm and then with gold 0.1-1μm). Depending on the application, other precious metal coatings are also possible – even partial coatings of a single spring contact component.

PlatingHardness (HV)Function (Farbe)
Gold200Low resistance
Super AP400Superior corrosion resistance, low electrical resistance (silver
Nickel150 - 200Low cost, corrosion-resistant (silver)
Palladium Nickel330 - 380Improved signal transmission (silver)
Red Brass600Replace Nickel (silver)
Palladium Cobalt450 - 600Replace Palladium Nickel (silver)
Palladium Cobalt600 - 800Black color requirement

Super AP Coating

The Super AP coating is extremely resistant to electrolytic or galvanic corrosion while maintaining very low resistance. This makes it particularly suitable for all electrical applications. Compared to a gold coating, the Super AP coating is:

  • 2 x more resistant to salt water
  • 5 x resistant to transpiration
  • 30 x more resistant to electrolysis
  • Nickel-Free
ComparisonTesting StandardGold (50u")Super AP
Nickel ReleaseEN12472:2005
Nickel-containing processNickel-free process
ImpedanceEIA-364-23< 50 mΩ< 50 mΩ
Salt Spray
EIA-362-2696 HR168 HR
ISO-316096 HR168 HR
ISO6507-1:2005200 HV400 HV
Resistance Time
1mA, 5V,
< 1 Min.60 Min.


Pogo Pin Stecker mit partieller Super-AP Beschichtung
Pogo Pin Stecker mit partieller Super-AP Beschichtung

The example shows a connector for a wearable application with a partial Super-AP coating. This is intended to minimize corrosion of the electrical contacts due to sweat or moisture.

Pogo Pin Connectors

cuszomized Pogo Pin Connector

We develop customized pogo pin connectors. Due to the wide range of pogo pins, we develop small connectors, waterproof solutions (IPX6 / IPX7), magnetic connectors and special solutions for high current applications. We also offer the cost-effective production of complete assemblies with connectors and cable assemblies.

Waterproof Pogo Pin Connectors
Wasserdichte Steckverbinder mit Federkontakten
Waterproof Pogo Pin Connectors

Several spring contacts, even of different working heights, can be joined together in a plastic housing to form a customer-specific connector. Pressing the individual contacts in a plastic housing, as a common method, achieves a tightness of IP54.

For more demanding installation situations in which protection classes of IPx7 and higher are required, we offer different connector designs. On the one hand, the pins can be supplemented with an O-ring seal; on the other hand, there is the option of direct overmolding with plastic and/or sealing with elastomer materials.

When overmolding with plastic, the plug can also take on an individual and precisely fitting shape, and sockets and plug-in devices can be integrated. As a result, installation time and costs can be reduced considerably. Further advantages are their small pitch, high integration density, and long service life. The high tolerance compensation of spring contacts ensures a shock and vibration-resistant connection. In this way, these connectors meet the constant requirements of portable electronic devices in terms of size, weight, and robustness.

Particularly interesting in this context are spring contacts with the Super AP coating, which we offer as a special coating. This coating is extremely resistant to electrolytic or galvanic corrosion while maintaining its very low resistance. Compared to the standard gold coating, this nickel-free coating is more resistant to saltwater, perspiration, and electrolysis.

The waterproof plugs are used particularly in mobile tracking and navigation devices outdoors, as well as in medical technology and industrial devices. The installation situation is always decisive for the protection class achieved. We would be happy to advise you in detail on this topic.

Magnetic Connector
Magnetische Stecker mit Kabelkonfektion
Magnetic Connector with Cable Assembly

A magnetic connector for a comfortable using experience. It provides excellent HF signal transmission, fast charging of power, and high-speed data transmission. In addition, a magnetic connector not only has good looking modern design but also a good solution for preventing your laptop or cellphone from dropping when the power cord of these items are pulled or trigged by users.

We offer customized magnetic connectors. The plug is made of spring contact probes and a magnetic connection system. The advantage of this technique is the high reliability at a very high number of cycles of up to 10,000 re-fortifications. The strong permanent magnet consists of a neodymium iron boron alloy (NdFeB) and ensures rapid shock and vibration resistant, and self-guiding connection or simple solution of plug and device… read more >>


In our online catalog you will find over 300 standard pogo pins and connectors based on spring contacts, which you can inquire about directly with us. Online product overview of all pogo pins >>

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