Outsourcing options for supply chain activities in Asia

Von der Idee bis zur Serienlieferung
From the idea to series delivery – we are your full-service supplier for customer-specific operating units

In addition to the production of electromechanical components and complete solutions, we also offer outsourcing options for your purchasing. We offer our medium-sized customers in particular the option of safely and reliably simplifying existing supply chains and streamlining purchasing structures.

Supply chain activities in Asia are associated with high infrastructure and personnel costs. Such operating and capital costs can add up quickly and significantly affect the profitability of a product. Benefit from our many years of experience in the Asian market and our extensive supplier network.

You get a keyboard from us, but the display from supplier X and the injection molded housing from supplier Y from China? Why not get all components through N&H?

Our outsourcing solution for medium-sized companies:

  • German contact person and a German GmbH as contractual partner
  • We take over the auditing of the suppliers, the procurement of your components and the complete logistical handling
  • Sound technical advice from our engineering team in Willich
  • Efficient communication through our Chinese colleagues in Germany and our team in Shanghai
  • Our warehouse in Germany offers you flexible delivery schedules, as well as savings potential through economies of scale and optimized freight costs
  • Upon request, we also offer alternative suppliers and optimize your supply chain

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