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Comprehensive services relating to HMI operating units

We offer comprehensive services relating to HMI operating units, which cover all product development and product manufacturing processes. Each project is supervised individually by one of our engineers.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive project support from our engineers
  • Production according to European quality standards with our long-standing and exclusive supplier network
  • Pre-assembly and complete assembly
  • Procurement of external components / outsourcing options
  • Project-specific final inspection
  • Complete logistical processing / buffer storage at the company location in Willich
  • Product testing in own laboratory
  • Start-up advice


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Contact NH Technology

Engineer Support

Our international team of highly qualified engineers and specialists is always available to answer any questions you may have. In addition, our customers always have a fixed project engineer at their side as a contact person.

Comprehensive advice from our engineers in the following areas:

  • Support from the concept stage to series development
  • Development and construction of molded parts, assemblies and complete solutions
  • Creation of prototypes using 3D printing
  • feasibility studies
  • suggestions
  • Advice on material selection
  • Elaboration of cost reduction options


construction and development


Our product designers support you from the concept phase through to series development. We can do both individual components, such as silicone keymats, membrane keyboards and various molded parts, as well as the complete control unit design according to your ideas or revise the design or construction of existing products.

You decide whether you want to use the development and design work as an individual service or whether we will accompany you in further steps up to series delivery.

  • Sketching, conception, planning and pre-construction
  • Construction in 3D / 2D CAD
  • Display of product views in the form of realistic 3D renderings
  • Creation of production documents such as technical drawings and parts lists
  • Creation of prototypes using 3D printing & silicone casting
Prototype construction with 3D printer

Prototype construction with 3D printer

In the field of prototyping using 3D printing, we have been working with well-known providers for years. To expand our range of services, we also offer the creation of prototypes in-house. We have both 3D printers using stereolithography technology (SLA) and universal rapid prototyping systems from Stratasys.

In addition to verifying the data set, for example before building an injection molding tool, we can provide our customers with extensive support in the early phases of development. These include, for example, collision tests, shoring tests and pilot series.

With SLA technology, liquid resin is cured in layers using a UV laser. The individual layer thickness can be varied in the range of 25 µm - 100 µm.

With the Stratasys F3 370D printer, we produce prototypes and devices made of real plastic up to a size of 355 x 254 x 355 mm with an accuracy of ±0,2 mm. In addition to the materials ABS, ASA, PLA and TPU, the materials PC-ABS, static-dissipating ABS-ESD7 and robust and chemical-resistant PA6.6 MF07 (Diran) can be processed.

With two heads, the F370 is able to print the product material and the soluble support structures at the same time. The support structures are washed out in a subsequent ultrasonic bath without manual removal.

Logistics by N&H Technology

Professional logistics

We take care of the complete transport and customs clearance of your goods.

Establishment of a buffer store

For items with regular, predictable requirements, we offer the option of setting up a buffer store on site. In 2021 we expanded our storage capacity by 470 additional pallet spaces. From the arrival of the goods in Willich, you have flexible call options with short delivery times and a low supply risk over the entire term.

Other advantages are:

  • Cost advantages of higher production volumes and lower transport costs.
  • Reduction of your storage costs
  • Fixed price of the ordered goods for the agreed storage period (max. 12 months)
  • Reduced capital commitment

We would be happy to discuss various delivery scenarios with you in order to meet your needs on time and economically.

N&H purchasing outsourcing options

Outsourcing options for supply chain activities in Asia

In addition to the production of electromechanical components and complete solutions, we also offer outsourcing options as a service for your purchasing. We offer our medium-sized customers in particular the option of safely and reliably simplifying existing supply chains and streamlining purchasing structures.

Supply chain activities in Asia are associated with high infrastructure and personnel costs. Such operational and capital costs can quickly add up and significantly impact a product's profitability. Benefit from our many years of experience in the Asian market and our extensive supplier network in India, Taiwan, Vietnam and China.

You get a keyboard from us, but the display comes from supplier X in Taiwan and the injection molded housing from supplier Y in China? Why not purchase all components from N&H?

Our outsourcing solution for medium-sized companies:

  • German contact person and a German GmbH as contractual partner
  • We take over the auditing of the suppliers, the procurement of your components and the complete logistical handling
  • Sound technical advice from our team of engineers in Willich
  • Efficient communication from our Asian colleagues in Germany and our team in Shanghai
  • Our warehouse in Germany offers you flexible delivery schedules, as well as savings potential through economies of scale and optimized freight costs
  • On request, we also offer alternative suppliers and optimize your supply chain
Product testing in the laboratory

N&H laboratory

In our laboratory we offer the opportunity to carry out technical tests and analyzes as a service. The tests and measurements on our own products are free of charge for our customers.
On request, we are also happy to carry out technical analyzes to solve problems with third-party products, which we charge at cost.

We offer exams in the following areas:

  • Electromechanical Tests
  • Optical / acoustic tests
  • Materials exams
  • Measurements surface resistance, volume resistance, conductivity
  • Technical problem analysis, also for third-party products

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