N&H Laboratory

In our laboratory, we carry out technical tests and analyzes. Measurements on our own products are free of charge for our customers.
Upon request, we also peform technical analysis for third-party products.

1. Electromechanically Testing

  • Force-Travel performance of control elements (e.g. silicone rubber keypads, membrane switches, tact switches, micro switches etc.)
  • Life Cycle of control elements
  • Abrasion Test of coated and printed surfaces (e.g. legends and coatings of keys, front panels, parts of housings, etc.)
  • 2D / 3D measuring microscope
  • Pressure / Pull Force measurements for checking the strength of material connections, operating forces on control elements (buttons, switches), pull-off performance of films



2. Optical Testing

  • Light density
  • colour coordinates
  • dominant wave lengths
  • brightness control (homogeneity) of displays, backlights, backlighted keyboards and pictograms, etc.

3D Scope Check2D MessmikroskopStereomikroskop

3. Acoustical Testings

  • Sound level measurements (Frequency diagram)

4. Material Testing

Leitfähigkeitsmessgerät Hiresta UX für den Hochohmigen Widerstandsbereich

  • Resistivity and volume resistivity of surfaces
  • Powder Resistivity Tests

4. Further Testing

    • Climatic exposure test cabinet (Temperature -70°C bis +180°C / Humidity 10% bis 98%)
    • Cable Test
    • Prototyping with 3D printer
    • Device construction with CNC engraving and milling machine
3D Drucker Stratasys F370
3D Printer Stratasys F370