With our service profile, all processes of product development and product manufacturing can be covered:

  • Development according to customers specifications
  • Production in Asia according to European quality standards
  • Procurement of external components
  • Complete assembly and preassembly in Asia

Each project is individually managed by one of our engineers.
We offer technical support in the following areas:

  • Research and Analysis on product feasibilty
  • Recommendation and advice on technical improvements
  • Evaluation and technical options for cost-cutting solutions
  • Construction, development and design (CAD-Software/ ProEngineer)
  • Prototype construction with 3D printer


Professional Logistics

We take care of the complete transport and customs clearance of your goods. For items with regular, predictable requirements, we offer the option of setting up a consignment warehouse at our site. From the arrival of the goods in Willich you have flexible access options with short delivery times and low supply risk over the entire term.

Other advantages are:

  • Cost advantages of higher production volumes and lower transport costs.
  • Reduction of your storage costs
  • Fixed price of the ordered goods for the agreed storage period (max. 12 months)
  • Reduced capital commitment


N&H Laboratory

In our laboratory we offer the possibility to carry out technical tests and analyzes. The tests and measurements on our own products are free of charge for our customers.
On request, we can also carry out technical analyzes for third-party products, which we calculate according to expenditure.

We offer exams in the following areas:

  • Electromechanical tests
  • Optical / acoustic tests
  • Material tests
  • Surface resistance, volume resistance, conductivity measurements
  • Technical problem analysis, also for third-party products
  • Detailed overview of the N&H laboratory >>


In-House 3D Prototyping

Prototypen mit Formlabs

In the field of prototyping via 3D printing, N&H has been working with well-known suppliers for many years. To extend our services, we now offer prototyping in-house.

With a new 3D printer of the stereolithography technology (SLA) we offer our customers further support in the development process. In SLA technology, liquid resin is cured layer by layer using a UV laser. The individual layer thickness can be varied in the range of 25µm – 100µm.

In addition to verifying the dataset, we can now independently support our customers in the early stages of development. These include collision checks, assembly samples, pilot series, etc.