With our service profile, all processes of product development and product manufacturing can be covered:

  • Development according to customers specifications
  • Production in Asia according to European quality standards
  • Procurement of external components
  • Complete assembly and preassembly in Asia
  • Project-specific final testings in Asia or Germany
  • Reliable warehouse logistics in Germany

Beratung von NH Technology

Each project is individually managed by one of our engineers.
We offer technical support in the following areas:

    • Research and Analysis on product feasibilty
    • Recommendation and advice on technical improvements
    • Evaluation and technical options for cost-cutting solutions
    • Construction, development and design (CAD-Software/ ProEngineer)
    • Prototype construction with 3D printer

Tests and measurement carried out in Laboratory at N&H

  • Technical Analysis of problems, also for non-N&H products


In-House 3D Prototyping

Prototypen mit Formlabs

In the field of prototyping via 3D printing, N&H has been working with well-known suppliers for many years. To extend our services, we now offer prototyping in-house.

With a new 3D printer of the stereolithography technology (SLA) we offer our customers further support in the development process. In SLA technology, liquid resin is cured layer by layer using a UV laser. The individual layer thickness can be varied in the range of 25µm – 100µm.

In addition to verifying the dataset, we can now independently support our customers in the early stages of development. These include collision checks, assembly samples, pilot series, etc.