Silikon Schutzhülle Kundenspezifisch

Customized Silicone Covers

Silicone covers offer many advantages to a handheld device. They protect the hardware from dirt and scratches, reduce damage and also the risk of slipping out of hand. N & …

Formteil aus Kunststoff

Plastic Parts

We realize with customized plastic moldings. Our product spectrum ranges from the smallest precision parts through housings to complex multi-component parts. Plastics offers a lot of design options. Through the …

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Metal Parts

We offer custom metal parts from the smallest precision part until the majority . This includes our service tooling and sample production and production ( including surface finishing . ) …

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Rubber & Silicone Parts

N&H offers customized rubber parts. Seals Silicone Covers O-Rings Rubber Rubber damper Rubber bellows Rubber molded parts combined metal / rubber parts

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Glass Parts

  Glass surfaces are extremely smooth and meet high hygiene requirements. They are more resistant than plastic and have a high temperature, as well as high chemical resistance. In addition, …

Housing Parts

We realize customized plastic and metal housings as well as combined materials. We offer a comprehensive service and support our customers with technical advice during the project. Depending on the …