Acoustic components and signaling devices

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High quality signal generators and acoustic components

We offer a wide range of high quality signaling devices and acoustic components at reasonable prices. The components offer the smallest sizes, high sound levels (SPL: Sound Pressure Level), energy efficiency and robust housing constructions.

Our signal heads are available in a variety of sizes including 12x12mm and 9x11mm. In addition, we also offer the smallest piezoelectric version in size 9x9mm, which is used by millions in the European electronics industry. These compact sizes allow for easy integration into most applications without sacrificing performance.

12x12mm – SGNU-UGPT12 link | 9x11mm – SGNU-UGPT119 link | 9x9mm – SGNU-UGPT09 link

To ensure robust and reliable performance, our signal heads are housed in high-quality housings. These enclosures are designed to withstand the challenges of demanding applications, including temperature, humidity and vibration. The design of the signal heads enables easy integration into the overall system.

Our extensive standard program is supplemented by the possibility of realizing customer-specific signaling devices. We work closely with our customers to ensure we can meet their specific needs and provide bespoke solutions.


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Information on acoustic signaling devices

Summer have a discontinuous frequency response and may emit a buzz or beep. These signaling devices are used in many areas, for example: as a warning or status tone.

The transducer have a continuous frequency range and can reproduce individual tone sequences. They are used in almost all areas.

The Piezoelectric sound converter (Piezo Transducer) consist of piezoelectric membranes, which are already installed as an assembly in the plastic housing. They can be divided into external and internal electronic control.

The miniature membranes consist of a piezoceramic plate connected to thin metal plates. They can be divided into external and internal electronic control. The membranes are very light and are characterized by a high and clear sound output.