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Exploded view of hand switch



Silicone bracelet with magnets

Molding of magnets with silicone

The integration of silicone coating and magnets creates innovative and versatile products. A striking example of this is our recently produced silicone bracelet with integrated magnets. The positioned magnets are evenly spaced...

Integrated magnetic connectors

Integrated magnetic connectors

Integrated magnetic plugs - flat, safe and fast connections Also published in Meditronic-Journal 03/2023. Article "Integrated magnetic connector" as .pdf >> Magnetic connectors with spring contacts meet the high demands of medical technology on ...

10A high current push button S1GQ

Powerful operation: 10A push button

10A pushbutton for industrial applications Our new product range includes powerful stainless steel pushbuttons with an installation diameter of 16mm and 19mm, which are specially designed for industrial applications with high demands on robustness, durability and ...